May 23, 2022

Why MS Teams is the best collaboration tool


There has been an unprecedented rise in the usage of collaboration tools during the times of pandemic. We all know how Microsoft Teams strengthened digital communication and helped remote workforce to collaborate extensively from multiple devices. It established a flexible working culture by knitting all elements together that support the new way of working. Organizations that are already the consumers of Microsoft Teams continue to reap enormous benefits out of it some of which are mentioned below:

Benefit #1: Teams is user-friendly

Teams is extremely straightforward to use and facilitates virtual work environment by effectively connecting users and teams of an enterprise for a better teamwork. Also, it is quick to set up in just a few clicks. The simple and intuitive interface of MS Teams makes it easy for users to learn. Thereby users can start performing their daily tasks quickly with greater efficiency.

Benefit #2: Teams develops collaborative mindset to help agile teams work remotely

Teams allows a shared workspace to promote a natural collaboration among agile teams who are traditionally accustomed to thrive well when members are co-located. Eliminating all communication barriers, Teams encourages cohesion, facilitates problem solving and enables fast paced decision making to so that remote teams deliver as much value as co-located teams.

Benefit #3: Teams supports real-time collaboration

Teams offers variety of tools for seamless communication and collaboration such as instant messaging, audio-video calling, screen sharing, file co-authoring, etc. Besides, it is integrated with multiple Microsoft 365 apps such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc., and other powerful cloud solutions such as SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote and more for remote teams to plan, ideate, create, or innovate all in one place.

Benefit #4: Teams is constantly updated with new features

To revive user experience and strengthen its role to play in future, Teams is constantly evolving with new updates. You can search apps and easily integrate them in Teams to improve productivity. Besides productivity apps, you can also integrate intelligent apps such as Who, Conversational bot, Calls and Meeting bots, etc., to handle repetitive tasks and give users a personalized experience.

Benefit #5: Teams aids adoption and engagement by enabling extension of native functionalities

Teams allows you to renew the platform by extending its capabilities to enjoy seamless, stable, and secured collaboration. You can enhance Teams security posture by implementing governance policies or by using automated governance tools such as TeamsHUB by Cyclotron and even create corporate intranet portal for driving greater engagement among remote employees.


Microsoft Teams helped millions of employees to work remotely during quarantine effortlessly. Thanks to it to keep businesses on track when situations were extreme. For organizations that are planning for digital transformation, it is an exciting time to modernize workplace with Microsoft Teams, empower employees to work smarter and unfurl productivity regardless of unexpected dramatic shifts in the world.

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