May 03, 2021

Ways to maximize employee engagement in MS Teams


Employee engagement is an important factor in fostering innovation in an organization and hence, critical to its success. Studies reveal that engaged employees are twice as efficient as employees with low engagement.

Ever since pandemic expedited the remote work, employee engagement has become challenging for organizations. Today, various online communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, are helping to connect employees no matter where they are and enable them to work together productively. But can such platforms also build a culture of trust and relationships among virtual employees? How can you ensure that your remote employees are not feeling disconnected or isolated?

Enhancing MS Teams for higher engagement

Microsoft Teams has contributed immensely to binding remote teams together and be productive in a virtual workspace. Instant messages, chats, meetings, real-time sharing of files, audio-video calls, productivity apps, etc. in Teams empowers communication among users and offers frictionless collaboration. However, with certain enhancements using customization and automation in Microsoft Teams, you can take employee engagement to next level.

In this blog, we will learn how to enhance employee engagement using Microsoft Teams by using the given strategies:

Tips to increase employee engagement in MS Teams

1. Incorporate Intranet in Teams

Corporate intranet brings all information on one page. It allows people to find any information, company updates, tools, resources, etc. from a central location. Here, employees can socialize, share ideas, and recognize each other’s contributions for greater engagement. You can integrate a dynamic and visually attractive intranet in MS Teams for an unparalleled user experience.

2. Simplify administration

User experience, directly and indirectly, affects user engagement to the platform. As teams outgrow, managing the collaboration environment by writing long and repetitive PowerShell scripts is time-consuming and leads to a terrible user experience. By automating MS Teams governance, you can recreate Teams with user-friendly navigation, streamline workflows, enhance findability, and reduce IT burdens to boost user engagement, experience, and productivity.

3. Make searching of files easier

One of the common blockers to employee engagement is painful file searching. To overcome this, use a consistent naming structure to help organize files and enable easy sorting and a faster search to improve the collaboration experience.

4. Secure platform for fearless collaboration

Security can’t be overlooked when thousands of teams in an organization collaborate remotely. Though Teams is natively protected, sensitive corporate data is susceptible to cyber risks especially when files are shared externally. It is imperative to configure security protocols for data encryption and protection. Leveraging an enterprise grade security to Microsoft Teams leads to employee empowerment which ultimately impacts employee experience and engagement positively.

5. Gamify collaboration

To minimize the regret of not being able to interact with your teammates and other members of your organization in person, you can gamify engagement in Microsoft Teams using bots. For example – one of the coolest bots that drives employee engagement in Microsoft Teams is called Icebreaker, which pairs any two employees randomly and organizes a meet-up to foster fellowship and conviviality. This further helps to facilitate sharing of ideas and knowledge impartation, important to cultivate a winning team culture.

If you are interested to improve employee engagement in your MS Teams environment by building cohesive teams and delivering a rich user experience, use TeamsHUB by Cyclotron to step up your game!

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