December 06, 2020

Using Microsoft Teams to manage post-pandemic workplace – A Retrospective


The onset of the pandemic this year revealed the power of clouds to various organizations across the world. Microsoft Teams helped businesses to continue their operations remotely and achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity without fail. As lockdown was being eased out in many places, industries were planning to bring employees back to the office while maintaining COVID-19 guidelines for the safety and well-being of employees. As of today, there are many returning to work with the possibility of further lockdowns in the future.

A critical part of this step is to limit offices’ occupancy and restructure the shared spaces. This suggests business leaders need to rebuild new ways of operations. Possibly, incorporating a hybrid work culture using modern collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. The trick is to balance business necessities and individual safety at office locations.

Moving ahead, in this blog, we will discover how MS Teams can help organizations manage their teams return to their worksites by using some outstanding features. Let’s begin:

1. Shifts

Shifts in MS Teams is a schedule management tool that is used to create, update, and manage shifts or rota for your teams.

How using Shifts benefits users

  • Office managers share available spaces on a floor or building with the employees who can reserve the allotted space on first come first serve basis after approval.
  • Office managers allow departmental managers and admins to manage the allotted spaces.
  • Employees can view activities or tasks they need to perform and who else is scheduled for the day, and upcoming shifts published by office managers.
  • If employees are unable to attend the office, they can simply swap their spaces using their mobile devices or request time-off.
  • Employees and office managers can easily interact with each other and report any incident that needs immediate attention.

2. App Templates

App templates are community-driven, open-source and ready-to-use apps that you can install and begin to use immediately. These templates are designed to improve end-user experience. Also, app templates are customizable and come with end-to-end documentation, help guides, and configuration steps. Some of them are:

  • Building an Access app supports the administration of building occupancy thresholds and social distancing norms. It enables facilities directors to manage, track, and report employee on-site presence.
  • Company Communicator app is used to create and send messages such as announcements, employee onboarding, new policies, and more to multiple teams across the organization over chat.
  • Incident Reporter app streamlines the management of incidents in an organization by facilitating automated incident data collection, customized incident reports, relevant stakeholder notifications, and end-to-end incident tracking.
  • Scrum Assistant app enables users to run asynchronous stand-up meetings, share their daily updates, and view the updates made by others.
  • Facilities bot help office managers to send targeted and location-specific messages to employees.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron, Automation, and Future of Work

Today’s workforce is getting increasingly creative with virtual collaboration technology. Where Microsoft Teams broke down the geographic barriers and coalesced dispersed teams together to let their ideas thrive, TeamsHub by Cyclotron took one step ahead in providing deeper employee engagement and enhanced security by Microsoft Teams automation.

Whether it is an office location or home, TeamsHub by Cyclotron ensures that your employees stay completely engaged and focused to business goals. With flawless governance and effortless administration, you can derive maximum value out of MS Teams using TeamsHub by Cyclotron like never.

Using functionalities such as Intranet on Teams and user engagement bots, your employees can have a majestic user experience much like a socialization platform. To continue, TeamsHub by Cyclotron, a unified collaboration solution, integrates MS Teams and other M365 applications in one single platform.

If you are an organization looking forward to expanding the performance of your multi-skilled teams and maximizing their potential no matter where they are, leverage TeamsHub by Cyclotron as a new catalyst for modern workplace processes.

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