January 14, 2021

User Engagement for Microsoft Teams


In the era of cloud, companies are experiencing a paradigm shift in organizational culture. Being employee-centric is the signature of any organization today. Organizations are leaving no stone unturned to maximize productivity and employee retention by accelerating user engagement as well. We explore enhancing user engagement, experience and productivity growth using Microsoft Teams.

Previously we had explored how Microsoft Teams would evolve the modern workplace with its features.

Adding to that train of thought – TeamsHub by Cyclotron has reimagined collaboration in the digital workspace by introducing new-age user engagement for Microsoft Teams. This not only makes the portal more stylized and personal but also makes it part of Microsoft Teams. Consequently, all collaboration, communications, and engagement happen in one place. Also, you can bring your employees closer to your business systems and workflows pain-free through TeamsHub by Cyclotron’s engagement features

User Engagement for Microsoft Teams


Firstly, TeamsHub by Cyclotron presents an appealing and handy interface centralizing all features and apps. This makes it convenient for users to locate and share all information that matters most to them in one place. Consequently, this means no context switching and no waste of time.

Intranet on Teams

To deliver modern user experience, TeamsHub by Cyclotron revamps five key areas of personnel management:

Company-Wide Updates

Keeping all users updated is vital to an organization. Whether employees are on the go or working remotely, our user engagement features ensure that all news and notifications are just a click away. The mesmerizing platform will not let your users take their eyes off it deriving their continued focus and active participation invariably.


We streamline access to information by allowing users to engage directly with content from various business units within the organization. For example, users can access documents from Human Resources directly. Save time spent on searching documents such as on-boarding material, employee handbooks, company policies, HR guidelines, holiday requests, etc. Also, an intranet calendar keeps everyone well-informed of upcoming events and important updates across different departments.

Support Request

A direct line of communication for faster resolutions of your specific queries, concerns or issues. You can send an email to any specific department such as HR, IT, marketing, etc. regarding your internal needs and get the necessary responses to meet user expectations.


Use this app to view and manage your entire schedule in a single place. A user can set agenda, track or add meetings or appointments, and other special events to the calendar and share it with a group or team in the organization.    

  • Videos: Use this app to watch videos from across your organization such as company’s vision and mission statement, corporate commercials, internal trainings, product presentations, recruitment videos, induction videos, employee experience videos, customer testimonials and so on.
  • Twitter: Use this app to stay relevant and excited when your organization makes next announcement on Twitter. You can retweet the content shared by your thought leaders and experts or share them far and wide to promote the brand as an ideal influencer.
  • Links: Get access to links provided by your organization for finding information more easily. You can track company policies, handbooks, digital assets and brand center, support services, technical data, data from third parties, etc. and manage your personal links too, using this app.
  • Need to know: Use this app to get latest corporate news, company quarterly results, interviews, market analysis, earnings and all other high priority events, notifications and happenings in the boardrooms.
  • Upcoming events:  Know more about upcoming corporate events such as business conferences, networking meets, seminars, workshops, etc. using this app.
  • Employee Appreciation: Highlight featured employees and their marvellous achievements with TeamsHub Intranet App and let them be praised publicly. Elevate your performance management by letting your employees motivate each other and be applauded for their talent or hard work by sending and receiving inspiring messages.
  • Employee of the month: Know the outstanding performer in your workplace who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. You can see the employee’s name along with job title and branch location using this app.
  • Recognition: Show your appreciation for an employee’s extraordinary performance, achievements, actions and contributions in the organization. Congratulate them directly using this app.
  • Actionable Insights: When it comes to evaluate your organization’s performance, there is no one better than your own employees to give you a genuine feedback directly. With TeamsHub Intranet, you can use polls to conduct surveys on your product, service, culture and so on. Asking for their opinion makes them feel valued. TeamsHub Intranet ensures that you maintain an enjoyable way of communication with your employees via gauging their perspectives and feedback to gain valuable insights.
  • Poll: Use this app to participate in surveys conducted by your company to collect valuable employee feedback and comments and help your company to measure the effectiveness of an idea through data and analytics.
  • Socialization and Fun: Let the digital social community thrive with TeamsHub interactive Intranet. Make the workspace comfortable and entertaining by posting photos from company’s special events, significant happenings or celebrations to keep moments alive and unforgettable. Employees love browsing photos and share them widely across various channels and networks, which is indeed an excellent way to improve company’s web presence.
  • Photo gallery: Use this to share professional event pictures such as meetings, seminars and conferences as well as informal company events such as outings, picnics and employee get togethers and celebrations.
  • Birthday:  Make your co-workers birthday special by sending them warm wishes and add joy to their day. You can also view upcoming birthdays of your colleagues in the same week or month using this app.

Disengaged workforce has been a major pitfall in corporate world recently. Modern intranet like TeamsHub has offered a platform for open discussions between management and employees bringing everything to transparency. Surely, TeamsHub Intranet is the touchpoint where collaboration and engagement intersect effortlessly. Why not create one team with TeamsHub and let your employees be proud of you. Its time!

To know more about TeamsHub, please visit our site http://TeamsHub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com to request a demo

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