April 27, 2021

Uncovering admin solutions by TeamsHUB by Cyclotron for security and control in MS Teams


Organizations that do not pay heed to governance in Microsoft Teams encounter operational inefficiencies and face security issues consistently. Hence, we recommend you deploy Teams using our governance automation software called TeamsHUB by Cyclotron. TeamsHUB by Cyclotron is a key application to prevent all kinds of data collaboration challenges in Microsoft Teams.

In this blog, we will take a quick look at some of our vital admin solutions to deliver end-to-end governance in MS Teams covering all vital aspects of security management while maximizing collaboration and maintaining the productivity of the platform

Admin solutions by TeamsHUB by Cyclotron

TeamsHUB by Cyclotron integrates policies and processes that comply with governance ethics to help stay in control of your Teams environment. We provide a bunch of robust features to govern how business data is used, when and by whom –

Control teams sprawl and content mismanagement

  • Lifecycle Management: This feature uses expiration policies to create life span for teams. Teams utilize plenty of resources, hence it’s important that their existence be controlled. TeamsHUB by Cyclotron lets you retain, archive, or delete them to avoid unnecessary piling up or overlapping of workspaces.

User Control


  • Tag Management: This feature lets you define and manage tags with the help of which you can easily classify and categorize teams created for specific purposes.
  • Hub Management: This feature allows you to create and manage hubs with the help of which you can group teams that fall under specific search criteria.
  • Naming Conventions: This feature allows you to assign naming policies for teams according to business standards to enhance classification and discovery of information.

Protection across teams and tenants

  • External Data Sharing: This feature enables tracking of sensitive data that is exchanged with third-party contractors and prevents misuse or breach by revoking access.

Security Insights

To learn more about TeamsHUB by Cyclotron, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com to request a demo

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