February 07, 2022

Top tips to drive adoption on Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams has played a massive role in virtual collaboration world to make workforce efficient and productive. However, there are many organizations that failed to reap desired benefits from it due to poor adoption. Basically, lack of robust adoption strategy causes loss of employee engagement without which Microsoft Teams can’t gain traction as expected.

Easy steps to improve adoption

Business change and user adoption has been a single point of worry for IT leaders for ages. Yet without it, it is not possible to achieve competence and stay ahead of the curve in global market. Thereby, for successful migration of Microsoft Teams, it is necessary to have sustainable adoption process in place. Further in this blog, we will share quick adoption tips for you to ensure higher chances of deployment success. Let’s begin –

1. Change management strategy

Implement change management strategy by providing clear roadmap of technological evolution to onboard users faster without resistance. Then, plan org-wide training to familiarize each user with important features of Microsoft Teams. Also, don’t forget to share about the positives of new technology and how it’s going to personally improve their work.

2. Champions program

Champions are super users who actively and enthusiastically use new technology and encourage others to explore new solutions too. Hence, create a champions program if you are a large organization to drive awareness and adoption of Microsoft Teams.

3. Use cases

Choose a few use cases thoughtfully for your champions or early adopters to get in tune with Microsoft Teams. This helps to deliver immediate results and quantify value of collaboration for a greater impact.

4. Teams app on mobile

Teams offers plenty of neat features in mobile UI for effective collaboration and enhanced experience. Hence, promote users to experience Teams on mobile. For example, users can use quick swipe gestures to manage your activity feed, ability to turn off notifications using quiet time, etc. to make their job easy. Additionally, integrated Office Lens to capture whiteboard or document, easy call transition from laptop to mobile in real-time, etc., are some of the fantastic features users would love to use.

5. Teams customization

Customize Teams to your way of working by adding more apps and plugins. Markedly, Teams offers more than 700 apps some of which are extremely powerful to empower users to work smartly. Also, you can choose custom low-code apps, bots, automated workflows and more to create ultimate customized experience to save time and boost productivity.

6. File management

Provide better options for file management and effective collaboration with Microsoft Teams using SharePoint Document Library.

7. Governance

Don’t rush to roll out Microsoft Teams without governance controls. Subsequently, create team and channel structure, assign user roles and permissions, enforce naming convention, and manage team creation and expiration process for controlled adoption and orderliness.

8. Teams security

Enhance security to Teams to mitigate data leakage while sharing information with external collaborators. Correspondingly, if possible, use automation for strengthening control on Microsoft Teams, prevent manual errors, improve data visibility, and monitor collaboration.

9. Third-party tool

Incorporate third-party apps to let users work effectively and productively. For example, a centralized admin console would streamline Teams management without having a prior coding experience via automation. Likewise, a smart dashboard would reduce time to insights by delivering actionable reports in real-time. This helps in anomaly detection ahead of time, prevent failures and measure adoption success.

In summary

Adoption is key to digital transformation success. However, we understand that migrating to cloud or even switching to Microsoft Teams may bring new set of challenges to IT leaders. We, at Cyclotron, know how to best align cloud services with your business goals so that you get most out of it. If you have already planned to migrate to Microsoft Teams, we can help you move past those challenges. So, allow us take care of your Microsoft cloud environment right from inception to launch with least amount of risk.

To find out how we can help you, drop us an email at sales@cyclotrongroup.com 

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