Proactive security with threat prevention and monitoring

Our security features coupled with advisory services help identify threats and vulnerabilities. We provide potential solutions using auditing and reporting features which tracks user and administrative activity and also help enable change management for your organization’s M365 Security posture

Built for the Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 license suites

Enable protected access to users in order to secure and govern your company data.

Deploy a well-managed system that helps detect and prevent your business from any kind of losses.

Stay on top of your game and respond in the event of any threats suspected.


Prevent threats proactively, monitor M365 workloads, configuration settings, and changes made by end users in the enterprise with advanced analytics

Auditing data per workload

  • Audit data and generate reports using M365 security policy per workload configuration with specific security configurations.
  • Prevent security breaches and data leaks in your organization with a continuous audit capability.
  • We support Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, OneDrive & Microsoft Teams and more.
Get the list of audit logs generated by Azure Active Directory including user, app, device and group management, privileged identity management (PIM), access reviews, terms of use, identity protection, password management (self-service and admin password resets), and self- service group management, and so on using Use filters to trim down data in your audit reports, customize reports as per your business needs and export them in different formats. Get audit reports delivered straight to your inbox using email scheduling and get notified of any critical changes in your environment to prevent data loss to boost Microsoft Office 365 security.

End-to-end security with MCAS

  • Track security with  quick and easy visualization for the efficient use of your M365 workloads.
  • Aggregate your security settings and configuration in a single window for efficient administration and governance
  • Protect your Microsoft investments using Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) integrations built in with
Prioritize Microsoft Office 365 security measures for cloud-based applications and protect your business against unwanted cyber-attacks using MCAS. Monitor user activities and applications, increase visibility into company’s vital data, classify sensitive information, and ensure regulatory compliance to strengthen guardrails around critical data in unsafe environments. Enforce access controls to different workloads, manage permissions, implement identity management protocols, identify shadow apps, catch insights into app behaviour and anticipate potential downtime and data loss using

24×7 threat protection

  • Protect your investments by implementing our M365 security solution along with 24×7 pro-active threat protection.
  • Simple, effective  and accurate data visualization and assessments can reduce the risk of missing out on valuable and actionable information.
  • We also provide a white-glove, on-demand security assessment as needed.
Detect problem areas and Microsoft Teams security issues in shortest possible time, get actionable insights with unlimited access to smart reports and improve company’s compliance posture with Block suspicious files across all Microsoft Office 365 apps and leverage spoof intelligence to nullify cyberthreats dynamically. We help organizations to deploy countermeasures to overcome threats and provide remediation strategies to avert breaches in cloud in future.

Realtime monitoring and logging

  • Filter, search and analyze logs from all your workloads such as Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Planner and Microsoft Teams among many others.
  • We provide real-time monitoring of workloads in chronological order determining time of operation for your M365 workloads such as Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, OneDrive & Microsoft Teams.
Maximize reporting efficiency and let your businesses react without delay by acting on new insights using Spot and resolve potential anomalies in advance, eliminate productivity barriers, and save time and boost cost savings using powerful and actionable reports.
Manage your entire Microsoft 365 tenant and view all information coming from different sources in one place. Use automation to uncover the hidden cues behind aggregated data and generate meaningful insights to empower your employees. integrates Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Planner, and other workloads to offer valuable insights in a single pane of glass and helps you to serve your employees better. Also, manage and analyse logs, inspect application events and user actions, and detect unusual activities to prevent cyber-attacks.

Secure and safe external data sharing

  • Our Microsoft 365 security solution allows organizations share and track data even with external users.
  • Visualize and analyze Microsoft 365 usage data for security insights within your organization.
  • Gain insights into how specific regions or departments are using Microsoft 365 to prevent data breaches and leaks.
Follow Microsoft Teams security best practices using and systematically govern and safeguard sensitive corporate data. Prevent unintended users from seeing, editing, downloading, sharing, and printing documents, etc., to avoid potential leaks. Apply security settings directly using instead of navigating to a SharePoint Document Library or through the SharePoint Admin Center.
Also, share files only with intended audience or only share selective content with people outside the organization and protect sensitive information beyond network perimeter. Automate tasks like document tracking, set expiry dates for access or revoke access on suspecting unusual behaviors and enable employees to actively monitor document access. Let admins monitor permissions granted on shared content and time limit before expiry. provides a unified interface to bring up all externally shared files and empower admins to view them at both team and tenant level for better governance.

Subscribe to activity reports

  • Enable complete control on your M365 workloads by scheduling activity reports to be generated and mailed to the administrators on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Get notified immediately in the event of any performance or delivery issues.
Configure automated email reports and schedule to send periodically instead of checking activity stream manually. Get visibility into teamwork and performance, spot anomalies and retrain employees for better collaboration. Gauge employee activities in MS Teams, Outlook and other workloads and analyse productivity data trended over time to make informed decisions. Reports are fully exportable to .CSV and JSON files in
Leverage an automated framework for Microsoft Teams governance and step up your cybersecurity game Reduce IT burdens that revolve around MS Teams security, use policy enforcement and governance controls to secure organizational boundaries and maintain a disciplined environment for secure and frictionless collaboration using • Apply document-based security protocols to monitor company’s sensitive data and labelize and encrypt data to protect your files persistently as it travels between devices, applications, and cloud services. • Use as robust monitoring system to track user activity on externally shared files and view statistics to cross-check sharing details such as by whom and with whom the file is shared, at what time, how many times it is downloaded, and so on. • Automate properties and naming conventions when user creates a group or team, configure group expiration policies for easier lifecycle management and maintain collaboration best practices for access and ownership for controlled and secure collaboration. • Avoid credential leakages and anonymous sign-ins, identify exfiltration patterns, spot risky user behaviors, derive rich threat insights and much more using best in-class Microsoft Office 365 security features using

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