A secure solution for your collaborative workplace


Enable protected access to users in order to secure and govern your company data.


Deploy a well-managed system that helps detect and prevent your business from any kind of losses.


Stay on top of your game and respond in the event of any threats suspected.


Our Microsoft 365 Security Features

Our Microsoft Teams security features coupled with advisory services help identify threats and vulnerabilities and provide potential solutions using auditing and reporting features which tracks user and administrative activity. Monitor changes made to your M365 workloads, configuration settings, and changes made by users to documents amongst many more.

Audit data per workload with specific M365 security configurations and settings

Our M365 security policy per workload configuration enables organizations to audit data and generate reports. Prevent security breaches and data leaks in your organization with a continuous audit capability. We support Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, OneDrive & Microsoft Teams and more.

End-to-end security with integrated MCAS

Track security with  quick and easy visualization for the efficient use of your M365 workloads. Aggregate your security settings and configuration in a single window for efficient administration and governance of your Microsoft investments using Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) integration built in.

24×7 monitoring and on-demand security assessment

Protect your investments by implementing our M365 security solution along with 24×7 pro-active monitoring. Simple, effective  and accurate data visualization and assessments can reduce the risk of missing out on valuable and actionable information.

Analyse log data

Filter, search and analyse logs from all your workloads such as Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Planner and Microsoft Teams among many others.

Monitor workloads in real time

We provide real-time monitoring of workloads in chronological order determining time of operation for your M365 workloads such as Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, OneDrive & Microsoft Teams.

Secure and safe external data sharing

Our Microsoft 365 security solution allows organizations share and track data even with external users. Visualize and analyse Microsoft 365 usage data for security insights within your organization. You can also gain insights into how specific regions or departments are using Microsoft 365 to prevent data breaches and leaks.

Real-time dashboards

Build modern and interactive dashboards with real-time data on performance. Increase business efficiency by monitoring, analysing, and generating actionable data in a single view using our Microsoft Teams security platform.

Subscribe to activity reports

Enable complete control on your M365 workloads by scheduling activity reports to be generated and mailed to the administrators on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Get notified immediately in the event of any performance or delivery issues.

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