December 08, 2022’s new Microsoft 365 management features


We happily announce the launch of the new version of that simplifies Microsoft 365 management to yet another level. It is now integrated with many enhanced features that are especially designed for IT department who constantly face maintenance and security issues while managing the platform.

As governance experts, we understand that managing multitude of teams in a large organization is a ceaseless toil for administrators. Amid preparing and organizing digital workspaces for end users, administrators are also expected to resolve user tickets ahead of time. As such, it gets extremely difficult for them to strike the right balance between creativity and caution to keep up to date with governance best practices, especially, when they manually handle processes. According to experts, poor data insights, lack of data control and inefficient reports are common pitfalls of a chaotic digital workspace.

In pursuit of empowering users by automating governance, has implemented plenty of powerful management features in a single platform. Let’s have a brief look at some of them –

  • Simplified lifecycle management: Define various lifecycle policies to inactivate, archive and delete workloads based on priority levels and add filters to specify condition.
  • Hub management for easier reach: Let admin and end-users create hubs specific to their tasks, connect with their favorite teams easily and collaborate without hassle.
  • Enhanced backup and restore with complete recovery solution: Provide a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online data to overcome accidental data leakage or loss. You can even backup your files, tabs, conversations, version history, etc., create multiple backups using containers or set a recurrence schedule to perform automated backups periodically.
  • Channel management for better control of workspace: Give users the ability to move, copy, archive, merge and export their teams’ channels including files, tabs, images, lists, calendar, GIFs, emojis, stickers and wiki for better organization of their workspace.
  • Easier domain management: Customize domain setup to add, modify and remove domains. Enable users to whitelist domains in different ways. Add default list of allowed domains to newly created team.
  • Effective logging to enhance application performance monitoring: Monitor and improve your tenant performance using log details. Get visibility into processes at the backend of every operation performed or event occurred. Also, view user activity and changes applied in settings.
  • Extensive search for additional filter option: Allow users to refine search and eliminate irrelevant information using advanced filters to help them achieve results with greater precision.
  • Actionable messages to improve email efficiency: Enable users to respond from within email application to discard context switching and strengthen engagement.
  • M365 adoption and voice usage reports for effective governance: Give your users the best analytics experience by configuring all governance reports in one place. Gauge critical insights via advanced reporting into platform and voice usage to analyse adoption rate and identify room for improvement.
  • Manage lifecycle of user requests: Track and manage the progress of a changed request through its entire lifecycle from Requested stage to Completed stage. Give users the flexibility to transition requests from one stage to another to avoid the scope of human error.

Our goal is to create an apt environment for users to manage Microsoft 365 environment with ease and facilitate smooth collaboration for higher productivity. With all the above new capabilities in your platform, you can give great opportunities to your users to bring their best to the table.

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