Create hyper-efficient teams to deliver value faster

Revolutionize the collaboration process with effortless migration to Microsoft Teams. Drive change and boost adoption with a great user experience and robust governance solution.

Empower employees to use MS Teams and Microsoft 365 to its fullest potential

Do things faster, collaborate more securely & efficiently, increase overall productivity and accelerate ROI. Enable your users to find relevant locations, avoid duplication, protect sensitive information and enable a self-service model that enables IT and Business Units (BUs) to partner efficiently

Understand the value proposition of MS Teams and learn successful methods of Teams deployment to take full advantage of the suite. We design a rollout of Microsoft Teams that not only suits your business but keeps necessary controls in place.


Monitor activities across the enterprise and manage inventory through a unified console. Determine adoption rate instantly, identify potential issues and take quick actions to remediate to avoid proliferation and content sprawl.

Microsoft 365 Team Management Features

Request and approval workflows

Get an automated request and approval workflow to optimize team creation process using Create dynamic forms to capture team profile data and streamline data gathering for better workflow management.

Easily review and approve all requests when predefined conditions are met and avoid proliferation of teams that can negatively impact teams performance. Also, enable simple to complex multi-level approval structure with higher transparency at multiple touchpoints in your approval line to promote informed decision making.

Enhanced team management

Simplify team management in Microsoft 365 to increase collaboration efficiency and have a better control. Perform team management operations in couple of clicks from a unified display – enable or disable team creation, archive and unarchive teams, modify team members, bulk update teams to enforce policies at once, filter your favourite teams as a hub, apply GAL settings to new and existing teams, manage email notifications, take quick action with actionable messages and much more to improve user engagement and organizational productivity.

Lifecycle management

Create lifespan for various workloads i.e., Teams, SharePoint, and Yammer groups/communities to prevent sprawl. Configure expiration policies to identify inactive workloads to archive or delete them and enforce minimum owner policy to manage orphan teams. provides a simplified interface to apply different lifecycle policies to different workloads. Configure lifecycle policies based on multiple priorities and set lifecycle policies based on filters.

Team cloning

Give users a pre-built defined structure to create teams via templates and streamline workflow to reduce rework. Allow replication of existing teams to create new teams to save time and improve productivity. Copy apps, settings, channels, etc., to new teams and help users to set up collaboration space faster.

Merge teams

Consolidate two or more teams into one and carry over all the data, channels, and artifacts such as permissions, guest members to the merged team. Select source teams that you want to migrate and move it to the intended team, the destination. Also, schedule the merger of teams at a specified time, if not required instantly.

Classifying teams using tags and labels

Classify teams and enhance your control around sensitive content to strengthen security using tags and labels. Easily tag a team if it belongs to their department, location, or project for faster search and better Microsoft 365 team management.

Also, create and apply sensitivity labels to teams based on confidentiality level to classify them appropriately and protect data along its journey. provides you one single interface to tag and/or labelize the content without navigating and configuring policies using multiple admin centers.

Secure collaboration with guests

Manage external access at both, team and organization level with all controls and settings at one place for better engagement and greater experience. Mitigate security concerns such as data leaks and uncontrolled information and manage guest users undauntedly using   

Limit guest user activities for enhanced security and to prevent overexposure of data. Disallow guests to become group owner or access a group content and even block external access from specific domains or restrict external collaboration to specific users only within your organization. Monitor shared files, set expiration dates for file access or revoke access on detecting suspicious activity.

Next-level reporting

Obtain granular workplace statistics in real time, analyze collaboration data, and gauge team performance to visualize productivity pitfalls and improve ways of working using smart reporting and analytics in Generate powerful reports in Power BI using visual drill downs to improve visualization. Detect inactive teams, archived teams, teams with no owners, and a plethora of other features from an intuitive dashboard. Also, use voice reports to locate poor call quality and resolve coordination issues instantly.

Get full visibility on M365 ecosystem, detect licenses that are still unused, Teams features that are underused and patterns that display unusual exchange of information for improved collaboration and security. Configure automatic scheduling of report generation periodically without having to add a reminder. Derive various reports from one common interface.  

MS Teams Adoption and Change Management

Build a solid adoption plan to ensure an exceptional digital transformation journey for your business. Make the change easier and exciting for your users and let the productivity unleash from day one using our white-glove service.

We help deliver high user adoption

Avoid alternatives or shadow IT and enable seamless technology adoption making their jobs easier.

Increase user engagement and productivity.

Avoid cost overruns as well as cyber security threats, risks, and illegitimate intrusions by ensuring uniform compliance and controls.

We help deliver successful change management

Enable organizational readiness for change and avoid possible risks

Identify and create opportunities for users to engage and adopt

Develop creative ways of working to raise productivity

Design strategies to overcome the areas of user resistance

Inform users about unique capabilities of Teams which will make them more efficient

We have developed Adopt – our self learning portal for users to train themselves and discover answers to their problems

Measure adoption success with quick insights

Perform a training analysis to know how teams can best utilize MS Teams

Swift and Secure Migrations to Microsoft Teams

Ensure effective migrations of your legacy platforms to Microsoft Teams and accelerate your business growth with best migration tools. Enjoy the ride with intuitive UI, automated governance, and smart analytics to conduct the migration with ease.

Customized Migration

Whether you want your applications to move partially or fully or consolidate two or more teams or tenants, we help you run a smooth migration as per your business needs.

Slack to Teams migration

Migrate Slack workspaces, public and private channels, conversations and files and folders smoothly to Microsoft Teams and also retain permissions and memberships with our industry-leading software, SlackO.

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Skype to Teams migration

Upgrade Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams without hassle and ensure a greater connectivity among distant users by amplifying unified communication and collaboration experiences.

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Tenant to Tenant migration

Migrate all resources and information from one tenant to another during mergers and acquisitions or rebranding and divestiture and enjoy uninterrupted collaboration.