March 24, 2020

People Manager Framework and TeamsHub by Cyclotron: Adopting Microsoft Teams made easy

San Francisco based Cyclotron Inc., a fast-growth company recently announced using the People Manager Framework to help Enterprises thinking of deploying or having recently deployed Microsoft Teams adopt it better, faster and easier. Along with its flagship TeamsHub by Cyclotron product, this makes Microsoft Teams experience much better for both administrators and end-users.

A common scenario in any IT organization is to roll out a new application or software. This is done by the IT department after the decision by the executive sponsor has been made. However, the rollout and change enablement process most of the time involves very few training or immersion sessions. Champions are involved sporadically and getting buy-in from some business teams is a formality. This is then followed by mass communication and training sessions for everyone.

In many cases, the wrong first experience creates end-user frustration. Also, all end users cannot be trained, all end users do not sit in the same office, or there is no one size fit all methodology especially in a multi-generational, distributed workforce. This is true for Microsoft Teams’ adoption as well.

 People Manager Framework is a simplified path for Hockey Stick adoption of Microsoft Teams by focusing on a starting point for the best end-user experience. By focusing on the persona of the employee and automating tasks such as Team creation, channels linking them to various Yammer and Stream groups, Forms and Flow, leads to manage resistance and increase adoption. This also helps in cutting down training costs and service desk tickets.

Using TeamsHub by Cyclotron, provides you an intelligent, automated and intuitive system to manage all the governance, security policies, end-user experience features across the organization through a single interface. Using bots such as HR Assistant and communicator apps drives inclusivity as compared to email or other add-ons.

About Cyclotron
Cyclotron was proudly founded in San Francisco in 2014 with the sole intent of accelerating the success of our clients by solving mission-critical business and technology challenges, through a proven network of industry-specific frameworks. We’re a trusted strategic partner to many innovative organizations in the financial, health and life sciences, public, retail, and technology sectors. Our solutions combined with your investment with us boost productivity, enhances collaboration, and integrates intelligence across your entire enterprise.

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