May 28, 2020

Merging Microsoft Teams using TeamsHub by Cyclotron

In this article, we will show how we merge different Microsoft Teams which till now is not possible. You got to know it first from us!

So if you have been using Microsoft Team or have been an administrator of Microsoft Teams, it is pretty much well known that two different Teams cannot be merged.

There have been various discussions, technical resource articles, and Microsoft Community questions. However, the answer is consistently the same- it is not possible as of today and we need to wait for Microsoft to provide a solution in the near future.

Well folks, the wait is over. Our flagship product – TeamsHub by Cyclotron now makes the impossible possible.

It is as easy as selecting the Team you want to migrate aka the “source” and moving it to the intended Team aka the destination. We also provide two flavors to merge – you can merge it this very instant or you can schedule a time for this merge to happen – say over the weekend.

All the data, channels and artifacts such as permissions, guest members are carried over to the merged Team.

In addition to this awesome feature, check out TeamsHub by Cyclotron for more which is a unified platform providing ease of administration and governance, employee engagement and adoption and training using expert video instructions and help center for Microsoft 365 workloads such as SharePoint, OneDrive and Outlook in addition to Teams

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