September 22, 2020

Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics for Microsoft Teams


Remote working is the new normal of today’s work culture. Thanks to Microsoft Teams that took communication and collaboration to the next level without compromising the workplace productivity. Henceforth, for business leaders managing remote workforce and tracking or assessing their performance became absolutely feasible.

Analytics is an important part of Microsoft 365 administration and a vital method to measure the success of your team. Microsoft Teams analytics and reporting helps to collect useful insights on how frequently users are communicating and collaborating across the organization. And therefore, business leaders can effectively gauge the usage patterns and thereafter, make best decisions to achieve organizational goals using Microsoft Teams analytics.

As an administrator, you can access the following types of reports from Microsoft Teams admin center by selecting Analytics & reports:

Types of reports in MS Teams

1. Teams usage report

This report gives you an overview of the usage activity in Teams. This includes the total number of active users and channels, guests, and messages in each team. To know more, please click here.

2. Teams user activity report

This report shows you the types of activities that users in your organization perform in Teams such as 1:1 and group calls, meetings etc. To know more, please click here.

3. Teams device usage report

This report shows you how users connect to Teams. It gives information about all types of devices that are used across your organization. To know more, please click here.

4. Teams live event usage report

This report shows you the activity overview for live events such as event status, start time, views, and production type for each event held in your organization. To know more, please click here.

5. Teams PSTN blocked users report

This report shows you the users in your organization who are blocked from making PSTN calls in Teams. To know more, please click here.

6. Teams PSTN minute pools report

This report gives you an overview of audio conferencing and calling activity in your organization by showing you the number of minutes consumed during the current month. To know more, please click here.

7. Teams PSTN usage report – Calling Plans

This report gives you an overview of calling and audio-conferencing activity in your organization. This includes the number of minutes that users spent in inbound and outbound PSTN calls and the cost of these calls. To know more, please click here.

8. Teams PSTN usage report – Direct Routing

This report shows you information including the SIP address and call start and end times. This helps you to gain insight into PSTN usage in your organization and make business decisions. To know more, please click here.

9. Microsoft 365 usage analytics

Use Microsoft 365 usage analytics within Power BI to get insights on how your organization is adopting Microsoft 365 services to communicate and collaborate. Using this report, you can

  • Visualize and evaluate Microsoft 365 usage data
  • Create custom reports
  • Share the insights within your organization
  • Identify how different departments are cross-collaborating

Microsoft 365 usage analytics is a template app that provides a cross-product view of the last 12 months and contains several pre-built reports.

Executive summary

The executive summary, presented as a dashboard, is a quick high-level view of Microsoft 365 for Business adoption, usage, mobility, communication, collaboration, and storage reports. Viewing this summary, you can quickly understand usage patterns in Microsoft 365 and how and where your employees are collaborating.

To view all the pre-built reports in detail, go to Overview on the left side menu. The reports are as follows:

  • Adoption – This report offers an all-up summary of adoption trends. Use it to learn how your users have adopted Microsoft 365, as well as how overall usage of the individual services has changed month over month.
  • Usage – This report offers a drill-down view into the volume of active users and the key activities for each product for the last 12 months. Use it to know how people in your organization are using Microsoft 365.
  • Communication – Use this report to know whether users in your organization prefer to stay in touch by using Teams, Yammer, email, or Skype calls.
  • Collaboration – This report lets you see how users in your organization use OneDrive and SharePoint to store documents and collaborate with each other, and how these trends evolve month over month.
  • Storage – Use this report to track or monitor cloud storage for mailboxes, OneDrive, and SharePoint sites.
  • Mobility – Use this report to track which clients and devices users use to connect to email, Teams, Skype, or Yammer.


Empirically, we know that user engagement is directly proportional to productivity. Hence, if users are spending considerable time in chat-based collaboration platforms, they are certainly collaborating, sharing ideas and innovating.

Microsoft 365 analytics and reporting is pivotal for performance management. Teams is evolving with additional metrics to offer richer insights into Teams usage. However, in a fast-paced corporate world, businesses need to glean over real-time performance summary routinely and react to clients quickly. With this regard, TeamsHub by Cyclotron offers automated analytics and reporting to improve business operations and enables you grab granular details in just a click!

To know more about automated reporting using TeamsHub by Cyclotron, please click here. Also, you can visit our website or contact

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