January 13, 2023

Search smartly in Teams using TeamsHub.io


If you are an organization with hundreds of thousands of teams in your environment, you ought to provide a fantastic search experience to your users for better adoption of Microsoft Teams. Sadly, Microsoft Teams doesn’t allow you to narrow down your search based on as many attributes as you want. For example, what if a user wants to find teams with a particular member holding a specific tag?

We know that ignoring governance in Microsoft Teams may lead to teams sprawl which subsequently generates findability issues. Hence, enhancing search capability is an important consideration for Microsoft Teams governance. You want to ensure that your platform is easy to use and navigate where users always find what they are looking for. To fulfill this requirement, our software TeamsHub.io introduces smarter ways to find teams. We have integrated advanced filters to streamline your search and render high-quality matches in your results.

Enhance discoverability with TeamsHub.io

The smart search engine in TeamsHub.io is designed to deliver faster and accurate results in real-time. Let us learn how searching information using TeamsHub.io is super easy and takes user experience to next level –

Improve your search experience with better UI

Make a lasting impression on your teams by providing them an engaging interface. TeamsHub.io’s dashboard is easy to use and navigate. Since many users access the software using mobile and handheld devices other than laptops and desktops, we have ensured that search bar is appropriately located on the screen along with advanced filters option to make it visually and functionally appealing.

Dig into granular details with advanced filter options

Besides basic search criteria such as team name, description tag, sensitivity labels, etc., you can use advanced filters in TeamsHub.io to refine your search. You can combine different attributes of your customized teams/sites and form a search query. Using this extensive search feature, you can eliminate the need to perform multiple searches in a single session and allow users to groupify their favorite teams/sites and reach out to them effortlessly.


TeamsHub.io ensures that searching is an awesome experience for you. Gain control over your searches and get what you want in no time. If you are looking forward to make your searches straightforward, TeamsHub.io is a perfect tool for you.

For more information on TeamsHub.io, please visit our main site at https://teamshub.io or our blog for more articles.

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