Unlocking greater security and improved efficiency for US Public Sector

We can help renew your existing systems and build new capabilities to achieve sustainable results with hyper-efficient employees, and optimized operations for delivering trustworthy and fast solutions to citizens.

Optimize performance and ensure resiliency

Minimize costs, improve scalability, and eliminate risks with a flexible cloud model that increases performance.

Automate manual and repetitive workflows and streamline mission-critical processes that waste time and resources.

Increase effective participation, interaction and transparency across all departments and constituents.

Automate systems, eliminate human errors, facilitate secure and free flow of information, and improve employee efficiency.

Execute projects of any size smoothly, utilize resources optimally and balance performance as per client’s expectations.

Make operations more effective, improve infrastructure flexibility, efficiency, and collaboration at scale, protect data and uncover valuable insights.

A modern collaboration solution using Government Community Cloud (GCC)

Defense Agencies (DISA Level 2)

  • Improve operational efficiency using a flexible and standards-based collaboration architecture with world-class security and controls.
  • Secure transmission of confidential data across missions, between forces, and among allies, and make them more responsive while enhancing efficiency, interoperability, and collaboration.
  • Eliminate fragmentation of content and enable fast discoverability of files, folders, documents, or projects without delay.
  • Track and revoke access to files whenever any misuse of information is suspected while collaborating with external parties.
  • Provide unprecedented control and visibility into the supply chain and reduce the risk of counterfeit goods and equipment.

Federal Tax Information (FTI)

  • Handle highly confidential data such as social security numbers, federal tax information, etc., and other challenges and regulatory changes that demand stringent end-to-end governance solution.
  • Communicate with taxpayers and contractors safely who handle FTI data using strong permission model.
  • Get a centralized dashboard to track external sharing of sensitive files from a single interface and secure valuable assets through conditional access and prevent potential data leaks and breaches.

Criminal Justice Information (CJI)

  • Use appropriate controls to protect CJI data and intelligently track the activities and progress of teamwork within a digital workplace environment in real-time.
  • Secure data and optimize productivity by automating Microsoft Teams. Enhance the agency’s auditing capabilities, manage access control, and validate identification and authentication effectively.
  • Confront cyberattacks by implementing procedures for encryption, monitoring inbound and outbound data flow from internal systems, intrusion detection, and take appropriate corrective measures in response to security alerts.

Cyber Security

  • Get all-in-one cloud solution to deal with a multitude of complex applications, databases, entry points, users, servers, and more which CISOs need an to balance productivity with security.
  • Keep the ecosystem sealed off from hackers with an efficient security program that follows best practices for API security.
  • Use scalable solutions to manage identities and access permissions to applications and resources.
  • Utilize proactive monitoring to gain an unprecedented level of visibility, track user behavior and block or prevent access to sensitive data.

Our digital transformation offerings for public services

Risk Management

Apply risk mitigation strategy to prevent potential risks from impacting your cloud environment.
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Regulatory compliance services

Utilize cloud products and services that meet regulatory compliance standards.
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Data security

Get a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution to store and secure public data.
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Advanced collaboration solutions

Extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and other workloads in M365 suite to make your organization more responsive.
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Applied business intelligence

Get real-time reports on who is working on what using smart analytics, identify critical areas of improvement and forecast their influence on team or project performance.
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Adoption as a service

Implement an adoption plan tailored to your organization and make it easy for your employees to utilize modern communication platform for greater output.
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