IT control with enhanced end user experiences in the cloud or on-premise

Let focus on the heavy lifting so your organization can focus on collaboration, productivity and innovation. We ensure that you do not lose sight of the big picture using streamlined Microsoft 365 governance for better end-user adoption

Microsoft Teams Governance

Repeatable and consistent service delivery.

Administrative efficiency and streamlined operations

Ease of adoption, usage and governance.

Efficient internal, external and regulatory compliance.

We strive to keep Microsoft 365 governance simple so organizations can be innovative and productive while reducing operational costs and overheads

Effective administration with user productivity

Our platform is built for the modern workplace that integrates intelligent cloud applications, advanced security features, and better administrative controls to provide administrators, stakeholders and end-users, an engaging environment.

Help users adopt new systems and maximize ROI

Accelerate user adoption and engagement using simple rule based automated governance using MS Teams. Avoid information overload, shadow IT, content sprawl and overlapping goals by keeping Microsoft 365 workloads aligned with policies and procedures.

Maximize business process automation

Automate your business processes and streamline operations for increased employee productivity, reduced time and costs, improved quality of work, greater visibility, improved operational stability, overall employee satisfaction using Microsoft 365 and our Govern platform.

Keep governance simple but efficient

We enable organizations to be agile and nimble by providing a simple and uncomplicated design interface, data classification, advanced search and data analytics to locate information, enable governance and detect user behavior using MS 365.

For the hard-to-know questions, find the information quickly to make correct decisions.

Automate Operations and Simplify IT Administration

  • Automate enterprise business processes and streamline operations
  • Increase employee productivity and visibility, reduce time and cost, improve quality of work, improve operational stability and overall employee satisfaction
  • Allow administrators to effectively monitor the activities carried out across BUs, restrict access to sensitive company data, pull out real-time reports on the activities, usage and performance of your teams.
  • Manage information lifecycles seamlessly with auto-disposal or approval based process on expiration, and detect abnormalities that can hinder the productivity of employees and company’s goals.

Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

  • Empower end-users with self-service  with self-provisioning combined with automated rules engine reducing IT overhead
  • Automate requests and creation using templates, approval workflows and dynamic forms using custom metadata columns
  • Manage how to name using  a managed blocked words list and custom  policies
  • Control the expiry, retention and disposal of information  based on usage and activity
  • Classify similar items together using hubs

Unified Communications as a Platform

  • Stay connected and work flawlessly together anywhere, anytime via instant messaging, chats, meetings, voice & video calls, etc.
  • Configure Teams voice features such as PSTN usage, dial plans, Direct Routing and more from a user-friendly interface.
  • Use Microsoft or third party devices to to ultra-modernize communication services in your cloud ecosystem.

Our integration with many Microsoft 365 endpoints help streamline governance

Auto-schedule notifications and announcements to intended audiences

Real time monitoring to make informed business decisions

Track shared documents across organization(s) using Azure Information Protection

Enable a remote workforce with direct voice routing configurations

Create, classify and manage tags based on organizational criteria

Bulk Update

  • Allow multiple edits and updates together easing the administrative burden and improving efficiency
  • Updates can include team owners, members, and other privacy options as well as relevant meta-data across Microsoft 365 workloads such SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, Planner and more


Merge similar teams into one

  • Consolidate two or more teams into a single team and carry over all the data, channels, and artifacts such as permissions, guest members to the merged team.
  • Move source team to the intended team, the destination instantly or schedule the merger of teams at a specified time.


Custom site provision

  • Create categories as parent site types for high-level organization of teams. Allot workspaces such as Teams Workspace, SharePoint Website, Yammer Community and so on for site type categories based on your business mandates.
  • Create custom site types, map with site type categories, and simplify site request forms to meet the needs of employees and clients quickly.


External Sharing

  • Allow team owners to enable sharing data outside the organization. Data shared externally can be viewed by administrators in a single report or dashboard for compliance monitoring
  • Prevent data leaks and sensitive information from being shared by using  Azure Information Protection, Information Rights Management and Data Loss Prevention
  • Invite external users to work with your team and deliver business results without any fear of data breach using advanced security leveraging the best of Microsoft 365 and Azure features

Advanced Search

  • Up the search quotient to the next level using advanced search to find obscure information
  • Fast and powerful search functionality to narrow down exact information using criteria, filters and tags
  • Save your most frequently used searches as favorites or hubs
  • Discover information with ease  by organizing content across Microsoft 365 workloads with appropriate name classifications, tags and labels enabling quick discovery


  • Dashboards for a quick snapshot of the happenings in the M365 universe
  • Detailed and interactive reporting based on various criteria such as usage, engagement, adoption
  • Auto schedule and email reports for daily, weekly or monthly details to select recipients

Provide right tools to users to drive autonomy and improve MS Teams usability using governance automation

Use to maintain stability when team count exceeds the threshold and bring harmony between people and processes. Guide user behaviour to unlock increased performance to benefit your business using MS Teams governance. Share controls with proper guardrails and avert Shadow IT from violating your systems.

Self-service provisioning

Enable team creation under administrative control using site provisioning. Let user provide necessary details about the team through a request-approval form to get qualified as per business requirements.

Use expiration policies to create life span for teams and control their existence to optimize resources. Avoid overlapping of workspaces through automated lifecycle management of teams.

User Control

Use to appoint global, teams service and other administrators to manage governance and business workflows with different access levels in your organization for enhanced security. Empower admins to set right privileges for owners and members to access resources.

Control the capabilities of those users who collaborate outside of organization using different systems and limit their access to sensitive items and prevent uncontrolled information sharing.

Tagging and classification

Use to easily classify and categorize teams created for specific purposes using tags.

Create and manage HUBS to groupify teams of your choice that fall under a specific search criteria.

Assign naming policies for teams according to business standards to enhance classification and discovery of information.

Data protection across teams and tenants

Classify your content and protect it persistently while travel by using encryption, watermarking and user access control.

Effectively track sensitive data that is exchanged with third-party contractors and prevent misuse or breach by revoking the access.

Deploy Teams with better admin solutions delivers end-to-end governance in Microsoft Teams covering all the vital aspects of the platform i.e., security management, maximized collaboration and productivity.

Eliminate complex scripts to maintain and sanitize Microsoft Teams environment using governance automation.

Comply with governance ethics to help stay in control of your Teams environment and govern how your business data is used, when and by whom – all from one central location.

Manage permissions and memberships, audit protections, control external access, etc., without switching from one admin center to another.

Avoid uncontrolled growth of teams, allow the right services to right users, and monitor overall health of Teams ecosystem with peace of mind.

Detect changes or edits in tenant settings from different regions or departments instantly and analyse its performance to increase efficiency and security of the environment.

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