Engaged employees create better business outcomes

Our corporate communications and intranet portal features combined with Microsoft VIVA help increase employee engagement, drive innovation and productivity whether employees are in the office or working remotely.

A modern solution for a modern workplace

Make quick decisions and execute faster, go to market sooner and respond to customers better

Make well informed decisions due to complete data, better insights and larger viewpoints

Ideas and discoveries are shared resulting in highly cross functional teams and innovative outcomes


We help improve productivity by enhancing enterprise digital communication

Ensure your employees stay updated

  • Ensure urgent corporate news, market analysis, board-room announcements, etc. are shared seamlessly from management to employees.
  • We enable latest company updates and upcoming events like conferences, seminars to be surfaced easily to align employees towards the company’s vision, mission, strategy, directions, goals, milestones, and organizational changes.
  • Align information by an employee’s role, BU, persona and interest with notifications, alerts and other intelligent features.

Empower your employees with knowledge

  • Track, share and manage collateral and let employees develop knowledge management using our Microsoft Teams employee engagement platform.
  • Locate previously created files and documents, share ideas and information, provide guidance, mentor your team members, and do much more to promote knowledge sharing.
  • In addition we can help find mentors, peers with common interests and cross department match-ups to spur innovation using  MS Teams employee engagement bots.

Maximize productivity and collaboration

  • We provide user-friendly tools that would allow employees to combine different types of work-related activities
  • Track, share and manage collateral and leverage your organization’s knowledge and find the right team, colleague or subject matter expert to get work done.
  • Our new-age corporate intranet portal helps you to increase Microsoft Teams employee engagement and all aspects of your business.
Employee Engagement

A great employee experience, wherever they are

  • Ensure employees feel connected and are productive, whether they’re in the office, working from home or on the road.
  • Personalized content and pages give them the customized experience they need
  • Equip your employees with all business tools at one single place and create transparency to deliver a matchless user-experience.



Polls, Surveys and Post

Create compelling, modern interactive communications

  • Get feedback, gauge sentiment, and understand where messages need detail or clarification. Our intranet platform ensures that your employees keep up with urgent corporate news ,market analysis, board-room announcements and more. that you share with them.
  • Get latest company updates and upcoming events like conferences, seminars and more be at your employees’ fingertips.
  • Ensure bilateral communication to align towards the company’s vision, mission, strategy, directions, goals, milestones, and organizational
Crisis Management

Respond quickly to emergency situations and crises

  • Manage unforeseen events and emergencies using teams, channels and bots
  • Broadcast important updates, rapid changes, and keep your employees and organization safe.

Our modern workplace features increase efficiency and productivity

 Join a Team

Find the right team to join in a few clicks

Favorites & Hubs

Bookmark a team as a favorite and create a “hub” of favorites

Popular Documents

Find  trending content that is relevant to your work

Recent Documents

Find  recently created, modified and shared  content in the workplace

Advanced Search

Find things in a jiffy!

Personalized Chatbots

Get things done with personalized chat bots

  • Ask questions, find answers, and route questions to the right place.
  • Eliminate multi-step processes of communication. Employees can access HR templates like leave request forms, expense forms, etc. as a self-service. and get answers to most common questions.
  • Strengthen employee onboarding process, make shift planning and other native functions simple using our intranet portal driven by bots.
  • Eliminate paper processes and let employees access schedules, request time off and view updates anytime.


Collaborate on documents and track versions and sharing

Work securely with external partners

  • Using our Microsoft Teams employee tracking feature keep a tight control on shared documents, files, photos and videos easily and securely with external vendors, partners or third-party contractors.
  • We have made it easy and convenient for users to locate and share information amongst peers.
  • Develop a conducive collaborative environment with our user-friendly and device-friendly intranet  and change the way your employees communicate and work with external partners.

The interactive bot that helps connect team members

  • Our chatbot is a Microsoft Teams employee monitoring bot that brings the entire team closer by pairing members.
  • The bot is programmed to find and interact with a new person to meet with each week, as well as suggests times that are suitable for both teammates.

Create an ambience of socialization and fun


Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, sharing photos and create crowd sourced content with rich social features like status updates, tags, likes, comments, etc.

Give praise to your employees for a ‘job well done’


Recognize employee efforts to help motivate and retain talent. Allow peer recognition among employees to motivate each other on their valuable contributions to the company.

Allow bots to be your employees’ new digital colleagues


Save valuable time, reduce operational costs and enhance user experience with appealing bite-size interactions, with personalized chat bots.

Facilitate direct and easy reach to HR


Strengthen your employee onboarding process, make shift planning and other native HR functions as a self-service while eliminating paper processes.

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