December 16, 2022

Microsoft Teams Provisioning and Governance


To make teams collaborate flexibly and securely in Microsoft Teams, there is an unbelievable amount of administrative work that goes on behind the scenes. We know that without robust governance, Teams can quickly spin out of control, especially when teams outgrow in number. Consecutively, platform gets bound to data spillage and becomes vulnerable to cyber risks. This is when tasks like configuration management and regular monitoring of the platform gain paramount importance.

Typically, the issue of teams sprawling and mismanagement is triggered during team creation wherein Microsoft Teams allows anyone to create team by default. To prevent this situation, administrators must establish controls and govern platform relentlessly. However, managing and maintaining the platform manually is highly inefficient and demands better solution.

Let’s take a quick look to common IT challenges related to team/site provisioning in Microsoft Teams –

  • Difficulty in organizing teams when users create teams with different naming conventions
  • Challenges in controlling team proliferation that occurs due duplicate team creation and overlapping of workspaces
  • Inability to search, sort and filter content which user is actively looking for
  • Lack of visibility and security protocols during external collaboration
  • Inefficient ways to configure user role, permission, approval workflows

Using Site Provisioning in for effective governance

To discard negative impacts of no or poor governance in Microsoft Teams, many organizations prefer disabling site creation feature. But we refuse to do so to avoid low adoption and bad experience.

Reading further in this article, you will know how Site Provisioning capability in keeps team/site creation under organizational guardrails in place and ensures organization meets all compliance standards.

Using site provisioning functionality, you can bring the entire provisioning process in control and prevent unintended chaos by –

a) Lifecycle management of teams, sites, and Yammer groups to eradicate the cluttered experience in Teams.

b) An approval-based system to streamline the process.

c) Access management to delegate rights and permissions to specific users to explore and use digital resources

d) Flexible approach to support different levels of external collaboration and manage guests and domains simplifies the Team creation process by leveraging the power of automation to give you a code-free experience. A centralized console allows administrator to configure and manage myriad of features effortlessly without navigating to multiple admin panels.

Automate provisioning using automates approval and provisioning to amplify platform performance beyond native capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Automated process eliminate the need of manually configuring workspace creation whenever end-users need them. Once the administrator activates self-service feature, it automatically provisions team/site creation for end-users within organizational guardrails. This helps administrator to save a surprising amount of time and focus on tasks that matter most.

With, you can amplify your tenant performance by –

  1. Activating self-service provisioning of new teams while asking for additional metadata to allow administrative control
  2. Allowing creation of custom site types
  3. Using pre-defined and customizable templates to keep consistent structure and navigation
  4. Enhancing search and filtering capabilities of teams by using the provided metadata
  5. Enabling guest access request at the time of request submission
  6. Customizing request form with flexible columns as per business requirements
  7. Establishing policies to avoid creation of ownerless teams
  8. Setting multi-level approval for greater transparency and accuracy
  9. Tracking progress of user request and manage request lifecycle


We as collaboration experts understand that the in-house maintenance of the Microsoft 365 platform because of its complex architecture can be tough. If you are a large organization seeking a right governance solution for varied collaboration needs, consider as a one-stop shop to revolutionize Microsoft 365 platform and maximize investment.

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