December 06, 2020

Microsoft Teams Productivity Tips & Tricks for 2020


Microsoft Teams is constantly gaining traction among employees worldwide. And why not! This powerful productive suite seemingly enriched with a myriad of intelligent features and functionalities provides all collaboration solutions one can imagine.

However, sometimes the most useful and easy ways to collaborate are the ones not known by many. And many employees including the newcomers struggle to get things done faster.

In this blog, we will share some awesome tips for you to maximize your speed and productivity while using Microsoft Teams –

Tips to improve Teams productivity

1. Use commands

You can use /commands to quickly perform a task and save your time in search bar in Teams app such as:

/dnd – sets your status to ‘Do Not Disturb’

/activity – shows someone’s activity

/testcall – checks the quality of a call or meeting

2. Immersive Reader

With immersive reader, you can read text such as chat messages, posts etc., aloud. With other interesting features, you can also change the appearance and voice of the text, change font size and colors and spacing and so on to maximize reading comprehension.

3. Use apps and bots

You can easily integrate third-party apps to MS Teams and manage your daily tasks, meetings, etc. smartly. Additionally, you can integrate bots and achieve your goals with personal and organizational assistants such as Calendar bot, Who bot, Polly etc.

4. Forward emails to channels

You can forward emails with attachments into a channel by clicking ellipsis next to the channel name and select Get email address. Once the email address for that channel is generated, you can then use it to forward word documents, files, messages, tec.

5. @mention someone

You can use @mention to tag someone anytime if you are in the middle of a conversation and do not want to lose the track by switching to another window. To do this, type @ followed by person’s name in the search box in Teams app.

6. Manage your status

You can set the following custom status messages as Available, Busy, Do not disturb, Be right back, Appear away by clicking your profile button to let people know about your availability and minimize distractions.

7. Manage files through Channel tab or SharePoint

You can flexibly collaborate, share, and manage files on MS Teams through SharePoint or Channel Files tab.

8. Use keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts in Teams app to run commands and find items more quickly. Press /keys in the search bar to get all available keyboard shortcuts.

9. Record your meetings

You can record your Teams meetings, conferences, seminars and other sessions for further use and references. To do this go to the meeting controls and click on Start Recording after selecting More options.

10. Urgent chat notifications

You can use this feature if you want an immediate response from someone in your team for an urgent message you sent. To do this, select exclamation mark beneath the chat box in Teams app and select Urgent.

11. Automate processes

Automating workflows and processes in Microsoft Teams is an excellent way to simplifyadministration and improve efficiencies. TeamsHub by Cyclotron is one such intelligent collaborative platform that incorporates modern ways to enhance productivity using automation.

Let us quickly go through the following steps to learn which features you can automate in Teams to amplify productivity:


By automating Microsoft Teams, you can level up overall productivity of an organization. Microsoft Teams automation streamlines workflows, organizes, and processes large quantities of data. Thereby, it frees up your employees from manual, monotonous, and time-consuming tasks to enhance their focus on things that are important. Automation does not just resolve productivity issues but brings entire Teams environment in control that facilitates freedom with security.

If you want to know more about how to automate Microsoft Teams to make it more effective and efficient, please visit our website or contact

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