January 03, 2021

Microsoft Teams Governance Secrets using TEAMSHUB.IO


MS Teams is a deeply integrated and connected ecosystem of Microsoft Office 365 encapsulating an array of important applications viz SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, OneNote, Stream, Planner, Power BI and more. As such maintaining a seamless collaboration around MS Teams environment in larger organizations becomes challenging and needs defining people, processes, and structure. This is where governance comes in place.

With this regard, we will share a few important tips on how to configure MS Teams governance efficiently using our automation tool called TeamsHub.io to maximize MS Teams adoption, prevent content sprawl and to let you collaborate securely. Let’s begin:

Using TeamsHub.io, you can:


MS Teams end-to-end governance is must to prevent collaborative chaos when teams expand and and content outgrows. TeamsHub.io is built exactly for this purpose. By automating MS Teams governance, TeamsHub.io simplifies administration, reduces IT workload and enhances user focus to boost productivity saving time in the long run. Furthermore, TeamHub.io secures your digital collaboration environment and promotes workplace efficiency by orchestrating everything in one single place.

To explore more about TeamsHub.io governance offerings, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com to request a demo

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