Accelerate your Microsoft 365 adoption with anytime, anywhere training

Our self-service video portal helps you drive Microsoft 365 adoption (previously Office 365) workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Outlook to improve your organization’s productivity and increase human efficiency

Quick setup and easy use Microsoft Teams adoption and training portal

Reduce support and training costs without compromising on quality using our self service, on demand training portal for Microsoft 365  (previously Office 365)

Access a ready-made video and help library for Microsoft 365  workloads from Microsoft & Cyclotron

Quickly find what you need with search or browse to accelerate Microsoft  Teams and Microsoft Office 365 adoption for other workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and OneDrive


Self-help curriculum for your organization, delivered with exceptional white-glove service and support


  • Ensure that your employees are up-to-date with the latest technology trends to meet increasing consumer demands and globalization in businesses.
  • Build and maintain a highly proficient workforce – upskill and reskill them with timely training to meet the organization’s goals.
  • With the availability of Microsoft 365 training library integrated in our platform, we make it easy for users to search and learn multiple topics on their own.
  • We have bite-size content, tips & tricks, video tutorials and more on how to use multiple Microsoft 365 workloads such as Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Power Platform and Planner integrated on our robust and scalable platform for your users.
  • offers multiple features built in to simplify MS Teams adoption and achieve excellence.
Quick Clips

Get employees online and speed productivity with quick clips

Fifteen seconds to  thirty seconds ‘how-to’ clips  help employees with specific tasks such as joining a meeting, attending a live Teams event and uploading & sharing files


Detailed Training Video

Share more in-depth training with detailed twenty to thirty minutes instruction videos

Available, on demand 24×7. Learn on your schedule on a variety of topics around Microsoft Office 365 adoption for workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Yammer and OneDrive

TeamsHub Adopt Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Beginners as well as experts can learn new tips and tricks to speed up daily work for Microsoft Office 365 workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and OneDrive.

Let employees refer hand-picked articles from experts to provide a valuable information backed up with fresh ideas and reliable instructions

Profile Preferences

Profiles and preferences

Adjust profiles and preferences to accelerate Microsoft 365  (previously Office 365) training and MS Teams adoption work just the way you want it to.

Adoption Reporting Tracking

Gain insights with tracking and reporting

Measure the popularity of each resource and review employee learning journeys

Language Support

We support all the languages available in the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications to foster and enable a culture of learning anywhere in the world and thus accelerate Microsoft Office 365 adoption of workloads such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, Planner  etc.

Supported Languages

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