February 17, 2021

Microsoft adds new calling features to Teams


There has been a multi-fold rise in Teams calling since last year. Now, Microsoft has come up with some calling enrichments to strengthen personal connections and make calling a highly effective way of collaboration. Before we proceed to learn about these new add-ons to Teams calling, let’s first understand what Teams calling is –

What is Teams calling?

Teams calling is a phrase used by Microsoft for voice-over-IP telephony capabilities that are available for an organization when it purchases the Phone System and Calling Plans add-ons for Teams. With Teams calling, you can make VOIP calls through Teams app out of the box within your organization. Moreover, by using Calling Plans, you can make and receive calls from outside your organization as well.

The new calling capabilities in Teams

  • Enhanced calls app – Microsoft has introduced one single interface for different useful calling elements – dial pad, call history, voicemail, contacts, and settings to streamline the calling experience.
  • Spam identification – To manage unfamiliar phone numbers, Teams can now detect potential spam calls. Additionally, it provides a digital ID attestation to outgoing calls as a proof of authenticity for recipients.
  • Save call recordings – Teams calls can be recorded and stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. This ensures a greater storage capacity and gives users the capability to refer to brainstorming sessions, access transcripts, share with external users and so on.
  • CarPlay support – It is easier than ever to place and receive calls on Teams in the car. With CarPlay support, you can command SIRI to operate Teams and make and receive calls.
  • Reverse number look-up – The automatic reverse number look-up allows you to see the caller name when they are calling and in your activity feed and voice mail.
  • Transfer calls between mobile and desktop – This gives users the ability to shift calls between different endpoints such as from mobile to desktop with an easy-to-use interface on Teams app when they need to change location or device.
  • Call merge – Using call merge feature, users can combine multiple one-on-one calls into single conversation.
  • Low-data mode – To preserve bandwidth due to slow or poor internet connection, Teams allows you to adjust settings based on network availability to restrain the amount of data being used for video calls during meetings.

Automate voice calling using TeamsHub.io

Voice calling is an integral and indispensable aspect of collaboration in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s phone infrastructure uses direct voice routing to handle calls. But configuring voice routing policies is challenging for administrators as it demands rigorous Skype experience and an excellent command over complex PowerShell scripting.

Designed to conquer all such administrative challenges, TeamsHub.io automates MS Teams governance for an enriching user experience. TeamsHub.io simplifies cumbersome and time-consuming job of creating, testing, and troubleshooting voice routing features through a user-friendly interface.

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