April 16, 2021

Microsoft 365 and advanced data governance


Today in the information explosion age, data is growing at an alarming rate. Is all the data stored functionally useful?

Studies reveal that majority of data businesses produce is either obsolete, redundant, or insignificant. Storing such data is not only a waste of money and resources but also leads to challenges in managing useful data which is of intellectual value. Moreover, this gives rise to risks related to security, and regulatory compliance which further indicates that businesses must be equipped to manage data growth and keep data commercially and legally protected.

Why businesses need good governance to control their data

Organizations that use cloud computing and collaboration platforms are quickly elevating data privacy and security regulations. This, on the contrary, makes it difficult for them to efficiently share, access, and leverage data in the cloud while remaining compliant.

To overcome this dilemma, organizations must adopt advanced data governance solutions to enable effective data stewardship, automate data privacy compliance and facilitate innovation by reducing time-to-data. Also, this will help them to find pertinent data, retain sensitive data and dispose of useless data.

Advanced data governance by Microsoft 365

Thankfully, Microsoft 365 incorporates data governance tools to help organizations manage content across their life cycle. Data governance ensures the integrity and security of information by controlling how it’s accessed, used, protected, retained, and disposed of. It imposes a quality-control discipline on data management that reduces storage costs, increases efficiency, improves compliance, and reduces risk.

Microsoft 365 provides access to the Security Compliance Center and information governance available in E3 and E5 licenses. In E3, users can create, publish, and apply labels to documents whereas E5 offers advanced information governance features. E5 allows you to define retention policies to be applied across any type of content to manage its lifecycle. You can decide how long you want to keep the data before archiving or deleting it automatically. It also includes other actions such as

  • Create triggers for the retention or deletion of policies when a specified event occurs using the event-based retention feature.
  • Proactive policy recommendations and automatic data classifications.
  • Creation of custom alerts to identify data governance risks such as an unusual increase in file deletion.
  • Auto-apply labels to data with sensitive types of data.
  • Manage the disposition of reviews and view records that have been automatically deleted after the end of the retention period.
  • Import your organization’s archival messaging data to Microsoft 365 using intelligent import filters.
  • Monitor digital communications to mitigate conduct, reputational, and financial risks using Supervision policies.

So far it is clear that with Microsoft’s advanced information governance, you can easily streamline data documentation, improve data organization, manage compliance risks and operate more efficiently.

Still, Microsoft 365 advanced information governance is not a complete governance solution. Accessing data across multiple workloads or apps in the tenant and crunching it to derive valuable insights or reports manually is still a complex administrative job. This is where automation helps.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron, automation and data governance

We provide you with a comprehensive data governance and automation tool called TeamsHub by Cyclotron to simplify cloud administration while safeguarding your sensitive data. It automates M365 governance including Teams, SharePoint, and other workloads, and centralizes data control to empower your engineers in a collaborative environment.

Use TeamsHub by Cyclotron to effectively discover and analyze your sensitive data and uncover data-driven results in no time. It allows you to eliminate all manual processes which are risk-prone and enables your organization to manage and govern data quickly and securely.

To know more about TeamsHub by Cyclotron, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com to request a demo

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