December 08, 2022

Measuring your workplace call quality using TeamsHub by Cyclotron


Remote users may not have a consistent calling experience when using Microsoft Teams. Users dispersed across different geographical locations use a variety of connectivity methods including a wide range of broadband services and internet speeds. Hence, it gets imperative for an organization to ensure a decent Microsoft user experience by monitoring call quality.

The Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) by TeamsHub by Cyclotron

TeamsHub by Cyclotron incorporates the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD), a reporting tool embedded with Power BI reports found in Microsoft Teams which can be customized the way your organization wants. The CQD helps in analyzing calling and meeting quality at the organization level, detects call quality issues, and optimizes your network to drive improvements to performance.

Using the CQD dashboard, network engineers can effectively trace network issues for a user’s poor call quality which also affects other users. Also, it captures an individual’s call experience and the overall quality of calls through Teams or Skype for Business.

By visualizing call patterns in CQD, you can make informed assessments by deriving quality metrics through various reports that include overall call quality, server-client streams, client-client streams, and voice quality SLA. For example, by using Location-Enhanced Reports, examine the call quality and reliability within the location of your work. To do this, you simply need to upload your building and endpoint information to CQD.

Furthermore, the data obtained through CQD reports can be used to analyze whether the issue affects a large group of users. The areas which you can monitor and maintain through CQD are call quality, call reliability, user survey, devices, and clients. By continually assessing and remediating these areas highlighted by CQD reports, you can minimize many problems such as:

  • Incomplete firewall or proxy configuration
  • Poor Wi-Fi coverage
  • Insufficient bandwidth
  • VPN
  • Inconsistent or outdated client versions and drivers
  • Unoptimized or built-in audio devices
  • Problematic subnets or network devices


With the help of the CQD tool, TeamsHub by Cyclotron allows you to amplify adoption by improving audio experience which directly impacts video meetings, conferences, and desktop sharing.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron acts as a one-stop collaboration solution is committed to enable you to maintain and manage an awesome user experience by reducing all administrative efforts. Access all your reports in one single place without navigating to multiple interfaces or portals.

Moreover, it eliminates the hassle of purchasing Power BI licenses for each user that carries some cost every month. With TeamsHub by Cyclotron, just purchase a single enterprise license once and enjoy all M365 services and intelligent product functionalities including Power BI reports without a second thought.

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