Integrate manufacturing operations and processes using automation

Manage and control all aspects of operations and product development processes in one place, accelerate time-to-market, reduce costs, minimize errors, and maximize productivity.

Reshape manufacturing using

Gain competitive advantage over your rivalries with future-forward solutions while reducing cost

Reduce risks of data loss with quick backup and recovery feature

Get comprehensive visibility across all operations and product engineering

Increase speed and productivity by empowering teams and communications

Scale and expand quickly with streamlined processes and integrated operations

Increase collaboration with a secure NexGen cloud solution

Improved collaboration

Enable your team to connect and collaborate remotely and get updates in real-time with an environment to brainstorm, ideate, and plan to deliver with external partners such as suppliers, dealers, and distributors for increasing service quality.

Streamline operations

Design, revise and launch high quality products that matches industry standards with high-tech collaboration system to let your design and development teams access files and libraries anytime, anywhere and conduct simulations seamlessly.

Enhance digital processes

Use automated workflows for approvals; improve management capabilities in real-time and get end-to-end visibility for processes using advance monitoring tools.

Enable secure data exchange

Protect your data in cloud 24*7 using automated governance to overcome persistent threats, prevent any misuse and monitor file exchanges between teams and external collaborators anytime using powerful dashboards.

Leverage innovative and relevant cloud technologies to increase value

End-to-end process

Execute transparent processes across different units of complex device manufacturing, boost coordination during various stages of product lifecycle effectively, track operational characteristics, production handling, asset utilization, etc., and get comprehensive view of delivery flow.

Error-free design

Use intelligent analytics to catch insights into team collaboration and areas to optimize to deliver high quality products by avoiding potential issues, manufacturing errors and downtime to improve quality.


Innovate faster by optimizing collaboration and information exchange at every stage of product lifecycle – from product design to manufacturing and deliver high performance while escalating time-to-results and time-to-market.

On-time delivery

Boost organizational performance with accuracy in production planning, reduced cycle time for supply chain, on-time product delivery, service availability and management support by adopting automated cloud services for timely product launches, reducing complexities and to increase customer satisfaction.

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