Simplify IT management, secure digital workplace & empower employees

Rearchitect IT infrastructure with most comprehensive business solutions at scale and make your cloud environment resilient against disruptive forces.

Implement robust infrastructure that enhances business agility and is adaptive to volatile marketing landscape


Examine technical compatibility, performance, and business objectives in line with expected ROI.


Plan roll out strategy for customized architecture, system integration and maintenance.


Migrate workloads to cloud, accelerate development, and enable expansion.


Optimize the solution, monitor services, and ensure migration success.

Experience reliable M365 deployment with us & improve uptime and resiliency

Application modernization

Transition to modern collaboration platform such as Microsoft Teams, facilitate automation, release the potential hidden in your data in the cloud and gain valuable insights to unlock opportunities for business transformation.

  • Serverless applications
  • Enhanced developer productivity
  • Resource optimization
  • Accelerated pace of innovation
  • Intelligent apps development
  • Cognitive AI to facilitate human intelligence

Infrastructure management

Set up and configure the hardware and software resources as needed. Check system health, deliver real-time alerts and notifications, and create reporting and analytics. Enable granular control over how users consume M365 cloud infrastructure. Monitor costs by implementing processes such as disabling resources when not in use to maximize ROI. Configure the M365 native security controls based on your requirements.

  • IT operations automation
  • End-to end processes
  • Flexible infrastructure
  • Privileged access management
  • Configuration management
  • Auto-provisioning & auto-scaling
  • Reduced frequency of outages
  • Auto-remediation

Cloud security & automation

Secure cloud-based investments and infrastructure to ensure protection of valuable corporate data. Using best practices and our own security controls we’ll bootstrap your M365 investments to ensure it is protected from the outset even before you start running workloads.

  • Review and improve existing environment
  • Protection of data and assets
  • Secure access to apps, devices & networks
  • Automate processes to reduce time, effort, and overheads
  • Improve security function by speedier processes
  • Identify evolving threats that need immediate response

Better Teams administration

Simplify MS Teams administration by adding the layer of automation to governance and ease management of teams using Eliminate script-based repetitive and error-prone tasks to free-up IT team to focus on other areas. Automate team creation, classification, lifecycle management, guest management, notifications, voice routing and more to string together tasks from administration to end-user.

  • Zero code governance platform
  • Centralize console to manage data & workloads
  • Streamline administration
  • Increase user experience & efficiency
  • Eliminate manual tasks & processes
  • Ease stress on your IT team

Intelligent dashboard

Gather real-time insights to gather full picture of M365 environment and critical metrics to assess cloud performance using interactive dashboard. Collect data from various workloads, and using powerful visualization, analyze it to make better informed decisions.

  • Determine most & least used apps in organization
  • Identify users who do not use certain apps
  • Track the progress along your Microsoft 365 deployment
  • Track the progress along transition to Teams from Skype for Business
  • Measure the volume of cloud storage in organization
  • Compare how different branches of your office adopted M365

Monitoring workloads

Analyze status of your Microsoft 365 deployment with end-to-end monitoring and measure the level of employee engagement using automated reports. Collect granular view on workload usage, user activity, device usage, etc., and identify potential roadblocks in communication for efficient administration and governance.

  • Track user & administrative activity across M365 ecosystem
  • Monitor Microsoft 365 usage into specific regions or departments
  • Aggregate your security settings & configuration in a single window
  • Detect alterations made to your M365 workloads, settings, or files
  • Audit data & generate reports to prevent security breaches

Risk mitigation

Prevent major loss of data due to potential disasters with advance recovery capabilities for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online data. Retain and backup valuable business data to ensure collaboration success and business continuity. Gain more flexibility to restore your critical data with better access control.

  • Centralized console for backup & security management
  • Container-level backup
  • Granular recovery in seconds
  • Prevent cloud security threats & data scavenging
  • Avoid downtime & cost of ownership
  • Meet legal & compliance regulations
  • Well-designed interface with ease of access
  • All-inclusive data backup & security