January 04, 2023

Importance of notifications in collaboration workflow


It is vital for Teams users to stay informed about important updates to ensure quick actions. Using task-oriented notifications for critical events enhances collaboration by alerting users that something needs their attention or needs to be done.

In this article, we will learn about different ways to send notifications in Microsoft Teams. Later, we will discuss how automated notifications can streamline communication to enhance it and increase engagement. Let us begin:

Defining notifications in MS Teams

  • Urgent notification

If there’s an urgent issue that requires immediate attention, a notification like SMS text, push notification, or high priority Teams message should be used so the notification is immediately noticed.

  • Informational or actionable notification

Informational notifications are to notify users, but they’re for information purposes only. For example, you can post a message in a Teams channel notifying people that a new idea has been created.

Actionable notifications enable one or more follow-up activities by the recipient. For example, if the notification requires user to do something with the notification, such as accept or reject, you should use an actionable notification using an adaptive card technique or hyperlink.

  • Personal or group notification

Sometimes IT stakeholders should be notified about events or incidents that need responses such as approvals or remediation. For personal notifications, consider sending a message, email, or text message so that other users aren’t overloaded with non-applicable notifications. If the message should be seen by multiple people in a group, a post in a Teams channel is a better choice, as the users in the group can all see the message and collaborate on it.

  • Schedule notification

There is no way to schedule notifications or emails for users. Using Microsoft Outlook, you can delay a message but that works only if Outlook is open. So, a better option is to use Power Automate to trigger a flow and schedule reminder emails for your users.

Are Teams notifications sufficient?

If you are an administrator, you know that generating notifications for various use cases in Microsoft Teams is inefficient and unreliable. With limited options in Microsoft Teams and based on your administrative workloads, you may find it frustrating to create tasks that are repetitive. While governing features such as Site Provisioning and Lifecycle Management, you need additional tools to synchronize email workflows with your collaboration platform. Hence, we advise you to top-up Microsoft Teams using our automated governance software and level-up user engagement and communication experience.

Use automated notifications & collaborate faster with TeamsHub.io

Automated notifications are a great way to maintain awareness during collaboration activities. It provides a consistent way to help teams stay on top of their projects.

TeamsHub.io offers you a unified overview of your M365 environment and can help visualize everything with real-time notifications and updates through a powerful dashboard and analytics stream.

Let us see how automated notifications in TeamsHub.io improves performance –

  1. Your users can easily track all activities from one place instead of switching through apps or services to find out where action is required. Timely alerts enable users to take action right away without unnecessary clicks.
  2. You can customize messages including emails, newsletters, and alerts and automate schedule and send periodic notifications, announcements, etc., to all users or specific group of users.
  3. You can manage different site provisioning notifications such as request submission/approved/success/failure, join request to private/public team, and so on for both, users and administrators in a couple of clicks.
  4. You can use adaptive cards for generating interactive emails and proactive lifecycle notifications and allow users to take action right from within emails for faster response.


Notifications get complicated fast when you manage end-to-end governance in your Teams ecosystem. TeamsHub.io gives you full control over notification management so that your key stakeholders get notified at the right time. With 100% visibility on critical information, users can take quick decisions and forestall a crisis. Besides, TeamsHub.io gives endless possibilities to your teams to collaborate effectively and deliver successful projects.

For more information on managing notifications using TeamsHub.io, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com for a demo

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