April 28, 2021

How to minimize data leaks using TeamsHUB by Cyclotron


Data is paramount for the growth and development of any business. For technology leaders with teams working remotely, keeping corporate data confidential and secure is a key priority. Businesses store many files in the cloud that contain sensitive data. These files are often shared with third-party vendors using collaboration platforms which becomes a doorway to data leaks and other intrusions.

Many times organizations fail to protect their data because of misconfigured protocols. Remember, when you give external users access to your system, you remain liable for securing your own data.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron can help you mitigate data challenges that come with cloud collaboration and maintain protected security.

Important rules to reduce the risk of data leaks

1. Identify sensitive data

  • Determine which data in your organization needs the most protection. Use TeamsHub by Cyclotron for proper classification and categorization of information.
  • Confidential data is detected and blocked from viewing, downloading, printing, etc., whenever shared by Teams’ users with the help of Information Rights Management (IRM) Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies.
  • Protect information and attachments in email, Teams chat, channel messages, OneDrive and SharePoint documents consistently.

2. Monitor activities and critical changes

  • It is vital for businesses to keep track of critical changes that take place in their environment. A hacker will probe the network security before tampering the system, so tracking changes is important..
  • Using effective monitoring solutions, you can accurately identify unusual incidents, such as unauthorized access, copying, download or deletion of data and more.
  • TeamsHub by Cyclotron’s analytics allow you to monitor all happenings inside your Teams environment, including access, usage, adoption, and activities by all users to grab granular insights in real-time.

3. Encrypt your data

  • Encryption is one of the best ways to secure sensitive information and protect the system from theft, converting sensitive data into unreadable complex codes and making it difficult to crack.
  • TeamsHub by Cyclotron supports encryption of the data using sensitivity labels and supports enforced information protection policies as it travels outside the environment.
  • Using sensitivity labels, you can define various levels of protection, add content markings, such as “do not copy” or “do not share.” You can also configure employee only or a time limit for content availability and enable auto-labeling to detect sensitive data and prevent sharing of information, such as personally identifiable information (PII) or financial account numbers.
  • Additionally, you can restrain editing in shared documents, block printing or downloading of files by specific people or departments, disable opening of documents by anonymous or external users, protect the content in third-party cloud apps, and more.

4. Endpoint security

  • With everyone having different mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other “bring your own device” (BYOD) invitation, endpoints vary, and securing all of the data that travels across these devices and the internet is extremely challenging.
  • Organizations must ensure that they install basic security solutions, such as firewalls, threat protection, prevention systems, and web-secure gateways.
  • Being “bring-your-own-device” and “work-from-home” compatible, TeamsHub by Cyclotron allows you to monitor different types of devices connected to your corporate network with advanced security controls. Besides configuring device management policies, you can effectively analyze device behavior. Identity and access management ensures that the right users have access to sensitive information in order to prevent abnormal activities.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron with government-grade security

The force of the cloud is uncontrollable and consequences of security breaches must not be underestimated. Modern workplaces demand a comprehensive solution to make collaboration easy while keeping infrastructure secured.

We understand that in a world where information is borderless, zero-trust security matters. Thankfully, TeamsHub by Cyclotron is successfully fulfilling the agile requirements of numerous organizations where information security is mission critical.

Built on top of Teams, TeamsHub by Cyclotron’s underlying infrastructure is hosted through Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC) and adheres to the highest standards of privacy, security and regulatory compliance for data collaboration, which fits perfectly for FTI, CISOs, CJIS, defence agencies and healthcare. With unique data restrictions, security protocols and an exclusive set of configuration settings, TeamsHub by Cyclotron modernizes Microsoft Teams platform to eliminate security challenges and operational inefficiencies.

In a nutshell, TeamsHub by Cyclotron provides end-to-end governance for Microsoft Teams to create a productive environment that fuels innovation. It is an intelligent combination of governance, engagement and adoption features designed to deliver an enriching user experience by leveraging the power of automation.

If you are an organization that deals with sensitive operations and looking for enhanced data protection for digital collaboration, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com to request a demo.

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