September 29, 2020

How to increase Microsoft Teams adoption


Ensuring a high adoption rate after rolling out Microsoft Teams in an organization needs a little extra push. Firstly, to bring deployment to fruition, user’s first experience with Teams must be awesome. Also, end-users may face different challenges while using Teams as a new collaboration tool. Hence, mentors must generate awareness about the ease-of-use of Teams and how complex tasks can be tackled in the simplest ways.

Let us now discuss some interesting ideas to accelerate Microsoft Teams’ adoption from good to great and get everyone communicating and collaborating:

1. Set up notifications

MS Teams is an excellent place to manage notifications and alerts. As many users still rely on emails, you can boost Office 365 adoption by enabling Teams email notifications. This helps in driving its usage by keeping people in the know and providing them important updates easily.

2. Use Teams for large meetings

MS Teams is a lavish platform for chats and meetings. To boost Office 365 adoption, it is recommended to organize your meetings in large groups using Teams. This will give an opportunity to end-users to participate and explore marvelous features to connect and interact in Teams.

3. Choose specific use cases to build an impact

Users connect more with a technology when they can see specific uses cases for it which resonate with their organization. Co-ordinate and streamline activities in various departments that are working on projects to showcase the results that demonstrate value. Consequently, improved efficiency and productivity will gain momentum and likeness for the tool.

4. Integrate Teams in your corporate intranet portal

Users love to interact with each other via an intranet. As such, it offers a huge opportunity to drive engagement, efficiency, and innovation when incorporated with MS Teams. This makes it easy for end-users to create and contribute content anytime anywhere. Also, connecting your native intranet portal with Microsoft Teams enhances the visibility of your posts. Hence, MS Teams and intranet complement each other for streamlined and simplified user experience to drive O365 adoption.

6. Customize Teams the way you want

MS Teams’ extensibility is a powerful functionality by which users can derive huge benefits while collaboration. You can easily customize it to your ways of working. You can also integrate a variety of apps, build workflows, create templates, and more to suit your business processes. As Teams get more business-specific, you will see an unusual rise in adoption unfailingly.

7. Generate resources for instant help

Another fantastic way to boost Office 365 adoption is to provide users some self-service resources such as how-to guides, instructional videos, etc. Users must have all the answers handy to the most common questions regarding using Teams.

8. Include some governance around it

Teams can be overwhelming for first-time users and hence, users are likely to get deviated and lose track of information. With a lack of process and rules, teams may face some recurring issues such as unusual growth of teams, teams without owners, loss of documents, etc. Implementing appropriate governance features in Teams such as site provisioning, access management, lifecycle management of teams, etc., may certainly prove to be important in driving Teams adoption.


Microsoft Teams has game-changing functionalities to drive usage and adoption. However, in an organization, everyone is not tech-savvy. For users like laggards and skeptics, Teams may not be an acceptable platform to collaborate.

With this regard, TeamsHub by Cyclotron is built to make MS Teams work for all types of users as they can quickly find what they need. Our self-service training adoption portal covers all the content including ready-made videos and help library for Office 365 workloads viz MS Teams, Outlook, Yammer, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more. Additionally, our governance features make TeamsHub by Cyclotron the most reliable platform to collaborate by streamlining operations and enhancing administrative controls for frictionless end-user adoption.

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