December 08, 2022

How to increase Microsoft 365 user adoption using analytics in


Ever since Microsoft 365 became a benchmark for digital collaboration, many organizations have been adopting the platform to empower their distributed workforce. Here, analytics plays a crucial role to manage users online. When hundreds of thousands of users collaborate on the same platform, it becomes vital for IT teams to gauge performance of the platform for some important reasons and they are:

  1. To improve adoption by bringing strategies in place to get people using M365 services without any challenges
  2. To ensure the best utilization of the platform by monitoring the usage of M365 apps, components, and services
  3. To boost productivity by enhancing communication and teamwork to maximize investment
  4. To avoid security pitfalls or data breaches by adhering to compliance standards and streamlining governance

How analytics and reporting help in informed decision making

Reporting is key to achieve organizational goals as it helps in obtaining powerful visualizations in and across your tenant. Now, to learn the impact of migrating or upgrading to Microsoft 365, business leaders must be able to access information that shows ongoing progress and issues in the collaboration platform. This demands administrators to collect or crunch data and present statistics to managers and IT team in the form of reports for analysis. Further, the insights acquired through reports are used to track trends on Microsoft 365 workloads and analyse user behaviour too for better governance. Following this, managers can implement effective training strategies to bring about deeper engagement.  

Why use for tracking M365 adoption and usage has advanced reporting capabilities to manage your entire tenant infrastructure from a unified console. Where reports in Microsoft Teams have limited features, digs deeper into Power BI and gives clear picture on how different services are being used by different users in Microsoft 365 environment. With, administrators never have to worry about writing complex PowerShell scripts if they need customized reports with additional features. The automated reports in offer AI powered graphical analysis of statistics on smart dashboards with advanced filtering, scheduling, and exporting capabilities.

The first category of reports that the dashboard generates is Adoption reports. Using adoption reports, you can have cross-product view of the last 12 months for workloads such as Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Exchange, etc., with user-specific information. Next, you can use various types of voice reports that provide actionable data on audio-video calls so that you can easily locate poor calls and extend support to your teams instantly to prevent bad user experience and low productivity. Lastly, you have many governance and audit reports to monitor configurations, track operations, troubleshoot errors and detect unusual activities for better risk management.

As collaboration experts, we understand that building rich reporting and visualization capabilities can be very time consuming. So, if you are an organization looking for a third-party solution for quality monitoring and raising adoption, we would want you to try rich reporting features in

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