May 23, 2022

How Modern Intranet builds a Digital Employee Experience


We have stepped into a digital age where communication is instantaneous and effortless between businesses, employees, and customers. While talking about corporate communications, how can we skip ‘Intranets’ which have been a key communication tool for many enterprises for almost three decades now. But are they still relevant to keep pace with modern workplace?

Intranet Evolution

Traditional or legacy intranet portals were static with outdated content and had clunky interface which caused a massive decline in the employee usage. As companies got fragmented, reaching out the front-line workers effectively and keeping them engaged using traditional intranets became a pressing issue for IT leaders.

This suggested developing a cohesive approach to employee engagement by creating a central hub for knowledge and tools and streamlining internal communications using cloud solutions. This is how modern intranets emerged. Although traditional intranets have taken a back seat due to stale content, poor experience and other complexities, modern intranets are proving to be instrumental in driving business productivity today.

Features of Traditional Intranet

The traditional intranet was confined to the company’s local network which acted as a gateway for desk employees seated at an office computer during the business day. The features of traditional intranet portals typically included:

  • Corporate news from the internal or employee communications team
  • A repository for information and linked resources maintained by IT
  • Linked connections to some corporate systems, such as HR, payroll, expense reporting and so on

What is Modern Intranet?

Internal communication revival forms the core of IT modernization. Using modern intranet businesses are creating a new experience to meet the needs of every employee.

Today’s employees are design focused. A modern intranet is interactive, typically designed to help employees become more efficient and effective at their jobs. Alternatively, it can be defined as a next-gen platform that offers a virtual work environment by integrating contemporary communication, real-time collaboration and social networking features to perform multiple tasks such as

  • Accessing corporate information via mobiles or web easily
  • Reading personalized content, company news, updates, etc.
  • Searching and finding documents, apps, tools, etc.
  • Ability to socially connect with co-workers to enhance bonding

Furthermore, let us quickly learn some key benefits of having a modern intranet that helps in building a collaborative and engaging environment in a company –

1. Brings strategic alignment

Now avoid being buried by email messages, notifications, alerts, and static posts on old and creaky intranets. Modern intranet unlike conventional intranet portal supports two-way engagement. It displays a creative and personalized home page with updated content and company news for every employee on their screen automatically. This further ensures that no critical information is ever missed or overlooked.

Additionally, modern intranet reduces passive consumption of information by enabling employees to actively participate by asking questions, posting comments, sharing information, providing feedback and more.

2. Improves employee efficiency

Modern intranet, eradicating the loopholes of communication and information management, helps employees to carry out their daily tasks faster without hassles. They can reach out for assistance and resolve their problems quickly to ensure all projects are executed systematically. Besides, sharing all corporate information at a central hub where employees perform their daily tasks ensures less context switching and thus, less waste of time.

3. Promotes collaboration

Modern intranet brings together all people, resources and tools at one place to get work done. It enables multi-location teams to freely communicate, share ideas, exchange files or plan events easily. By pulling information from other collaboration tools such as SharePoint Online, MS Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, etc., modern intranet simplifies work while streamlining functionality of applications and processes.

4. Offers centralized communication

Modern intranet offers centralized communication providing space for targeted discussions in a team-wide environment. This streamlines decision making process across cross-functional teams while promoting transparent communication.

5. Enhances teamwork

Modern intranet supports peer-to-peer communication to be straightforward and thus enables all employees to find answers quickly, collaborate on projects effectively and strengthen camaraderie. This further cultivates an inclusive environment and a happier workplace.

6. Secure knowledge management

Modern intranet provides one central repository for embedded knowledge to store all company documents and makes it easy to find, access, and manage content with the help of right navigation tools. Additionally, modern intranet promotes organic knowledge sharing by enabling connections. As knowledge experts and employees can easily connect, job-related insights, experiences, knowledge or independent learnings can thus be transferred to each other for better organizational performance.

8. Strengthens HR and IT

Modern intranet eliminates inefficiencies and frustrations of HR and IT teams who constantly support users by answering their queries via email or phone. The entire process is apparently time consuming and costly as many users ask the same questions repeatedly. Modern intranet is a source of self-service resources such as how-to guides, instructional videos, company policies document, employee handbook, etc. to help employees get quick solutions to common help desk issues.

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