January 12, 2023

How automation improves Microsoft Teams value


Though Microsoft Teams is a perfect collaboration hub for your teams, yet you need to consider solutions that may inspire your teams to use the platform Typically, users need to understand the workflows synchronized with multiple Microsoft 365 apps bundled together with Teams. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your users jump to their tasks right away without having to go through tedious training methods?

We believe that streamlining business processes by automating workflows in Microsoft Teams will make adoption easier by taking user experience to next level and make them more productive. Additionally, you can get rid of arduous administrative tasks which involves complex configuration management across the tenant. As some operations in Teams can not be performed without using PowerShell scripts, automation need no prior experience in this module. Not even that, you can do many different things on Teams which Microsoft doesn’t offer.

Let us explore a few automation ideas to simplify Teams along with its benefits:

  • Streamline approval-based system

This is done by simplifying team creation process by providing a request form to users which must go through an approval system by a group of administrators. Once validated and verified, a team comes into existence dedicated for a project.

Benefit: An automated approval system collects team’s details according to set criteria and sends them over to approvers for validation. This process ensures that no team in the tenant must be designed without a purpose which otherwise may lead to team sprawl and other security issues.

TeamsHub.io offers a dynamic form for businesses to customize user request as per their mandates along with multi-level approval system to promote greater transparency.

  • Manage lifecycle

Automating Teams lifecycle management gives you the opportunity to have a greater control over your workspace. You do not want your Teams platform to get overcrowded with junk. Automated archival or disposal of teams after a specified time helps remove productivity hurdles and seamless management of teams.

Benefits: Individual management of teams is highly inefficient when done manually. Automation allows administrator to gain clear visibility of teams, organize teams better through all phases namely – creation, operation, and termination and optimize digital resources in your tenant.

Using TeamsHub.io you can manage a multitude of Microsoft 365 workloads such as Teams, SharePoint sites and Yammer groups from a single dashboard. You can use pre-defined templates, activate site provisioning service, configure expiry dates, schedule auto-inactivation/auto-delete for workloads and enjoy many more advanced capabilities to boost performance of your platform.

  • Get important reminders

Using automation, you can synchronize email workflows during site provisioning and lifecycle management of teams. You can design pre-built email templates and make them as interactive as possible to promote user engagement.  

Benefits: Sending automated notifications or alerts is an excellent way to raise awareness among teams. Such notifications and alerts ensure that an action is taken after a critical event.

“TeamsHub.io offers you a unified overview of your M365 environment and can help visualize everything with real-time notifications and updates through a powerful dashboard and analytics stream.”

  • Track shared documents

Automate Teams to view document changes and track every file that is shared among multiple collaborators in and out of your platform.

Benefit: Monitoring files in Teams especially when they are exchanged with external users help securing your platform against information loss or theft by any means.

TeamsHub.io provides clear visibility into teams, guests and resources involved in collaboration and allows administrators to monitor externally shared files from a centralized dashboard without handling complex navigations, performing context switches, or using PowerShell scripts.

  • Enable logging and monitoring

Use automation to retain Microsoft 365 data and raise application performance by diagnosing records to discover bad incidents. You can track changes in application such as modified system settings, learn application behaviour and catch unexpected errors using logs.

Benefits: Automation improves the security posture by incorporating risk management framework. It improves response time by addressing the issue faster, enables quick threat detection and detects unwanted state of application without manual intervention.

“TeamsHub.io integrates effective log management to collect logs from different sources in your environment and provides you vital insights for auditing and performance. It uses real-time analytics for end-to-end monitoring of your tenant for enhanced security and informed decision making.”

  • Protect business-critical data

Streamline Teams backup and recovery as a line of defence for optimum data protection. As Microsoft Teams does not provide any feature to back up your company’s data except retention policies, you can automate full recovery of Microsoft 365 data and prevent unexpected data loss during an outage.

Benefits: Automation allows you to overcome inconsistent and irregular backups due to manual practices which increase data loss risks. You can store your sensitive data for length of time and recover whenever you need.

Use TeamsHub.io’s smart backup management system for faster backup and point in time recovery of Teams and SharePoint Online data. This modern backup feature comes with an intuitive UI where you have flexible backup and restore options to manage M365 data effectively in the cloud. Additionally, with automated scheduling, you can create backups in a consistent manner and minimize manual efforts.”

TeamsHub.io is an automated governance software which extends Microsoft Teams capabilities to empower your workforce and make them more productive.

For more information on leveraging automation to Microsoft Teams, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com for a demo

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