Streamline Microsoft 365 Governance and Administration Using Automation

Automate provisioning, operations and information lifecycle using
Create and manage Microsoft 365 groups, Yammer and Teams channels, SharePoint sites and OneDrive storage with automated workflows and approval processes based on your organization’s needs.

Ensure Internal, External and Regulatory Compliance.
Organizations that store for longer periods – particularly data that is no longer needed – increase risk. The introduction of GDPR like regulations means storing data indefinitely is no longer an option. Using Microsoft 365 security and compliance features combined with ensures the right protective and retention measures are in place.

Ease Adoption, Usage and Governance while increase administrator efficiency.
Using can empower organizations to turn on self-service modes while automating the guidelines and guardrails. This allows users to embrace the tools you want them to use along with enough guidance to ensure your tenant stays organized and secure.

Create a productive and innovative workforce

Create a rewarding and engaging employee experience with Viva Connection and our Engage platform

Connect your distributed workforce by letting employees work, anywhere, anytime on any device

Track & monitor activity and engagement using Microsoft Office 365 automation and rich analytics from

Your world is our world

At Cyclotron, we believe successful engagements stem from our commitment to know our customers worlds; from frameworks to workflows, from compliance to cultures. Looking to take your organization to the next level? Small world.


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Implement reliable governance tools to enable consistent processes and controls, and mitigate risks using Office 365 automation.

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Communicate effectively with every employee, drive productivity, and keep people engaged and aligned using Microsoft Teams.

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Transform your organization by using technology to accelerate training and adoption of Microsoft 365 workloads

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