June 01, 2020

Guest User Management using TeamsHub by Cyclotron


Guest user management is an important facet of external collaboration. Especially, while working on complex projects, businesses want users outside of organization to contribute their expertise. Once you invite them, they can participate in chat and conversations and share files like other team members. Also, they do not necessarily need to have Office 365 accounts. Hence, guest users can be added using just an email address.

In this blog, we will explore the ability of managing external users or guests using TeamsHub by Cyclotron.

Before we proceed, we would like to mention that TeamsHub by Cyclotron provides only team-level access to guests. Due to this, guests can not gain full control over resources or tenant for security reasons.

Enabling Guest User Access

To permit guest users access in TeamsHub by Cyclotron, go to Settings and click Teams Governance Settings. Next, the pop-up screen at the bottom displays three options to enable guest user access on different levels as shown.

Let us discuss them one by one.

Allow guest to be group owner

Once you enable this functionality, external users can be added to a team as owners.

As owners, guest users can chat, create channels, share files, and collaborate on projects. In this case, they can add or delete team members, add apps and can even edit Teams settings.

Allow guest to access teams

Once you enable this functionality, external users can access Microsoft Teams. Here, guests will still be listed as members of the group, but they won’t receive group emails or be able to access any group content. They’ll only be able to access files that were directly shared with them.

Allow to add guest

Once you enable this functionality, external users can be added to a team as team members. As you add guest as a member of a team, the guest user will appear in the participants list as Guest.

As members, guest users can chat, share files and collaborate on projects.

This is to remember that in TeamsHub by Cyclotron, guest users can not be added while creating teams. They can only be invited or added by existing teams.

Additionally, for managing guests, you have the following offerings by TeamsHub by Cyclotron:

  • Firstly, to track information about all guests, TeamsHub by Cyclotron provides a powerful dashboard with real-time visualizations. Using this, you can detect the number of guest users who have access and number of teams with guest users.
  • Secondly, using Bulk Updates feature, you can add guest users as owners or members in a team.
  • Thirdly, you can get details on guest count in each team and total number of guests in all teams in Teams Inventory available under Analytics.
  • Lastly, you can mail any reports to guest users available under Analytics using Mail feature.


In conclusion, TeamsHub by Cyclotron lets your clients, contractors, and gig workers outside your business line to collaborate digitally. We have already seen how simple the guest management with TeamsHub by Cyclotron is. And most importantly, it promises to manage your guest users securely to ensure fearless collaboration.

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