Governance with Microsoft Teams

Changing the game of corporate collaboration

Easy Access to Group Resources & Details

Find the groups you need, directly access its files, planner, conversations, teams or other resources.

Manage Group Membership & Settings

Click on “Details” of any group to access and update its settings and membership.

Easy to Roll Out

Teams Hub allows an Office 365 administrator to create a “custom tile” in App Launcher for TeamsHub. With this, users can access the application from any device.


Organizational Tags

By integrating with cloud governance, administrators can publish organizational tags to appropriate groups.

Personal Tags for Groups

Apply “Personal Tags” or labels to your groups to create your own organization scheme. Tags can be added and removed by the user. Tags are visible in both – Card View and List View.


Team Requests

Administrators can approve or reject all team request in a single window

New Group Creation

Leverage provisioning directly within TeamsHub, allowing it to populate members manually or by using dynamic rules.


TeamsHub Allows you to send or schedule announcement and notification to an intended target audience.

My Teams

Per user collection of teams

My Recent Documents

Personalized interface for documents recently added in your teams.

Popular Documents

Popular Documents are items trending for the user. Targets relevant content based on user activity and appropriate permission levels.

Favorite Teams

User can mark and see all their Favorite teams in one console interface

Site Provisioning

Govern and Automate Provisioning

Manage Templates and Features

Integrate Lifecycle Stages and Gain Smart Insights


Manage approvals for provisioning and archiving based on business processes with automated workflows
Create and manage unique groups including guest management and bulk deletion
Manage policies including create, classify, blocked words and naming

Security Integration

Automatically provision Information Rights
Management (IRM) policies
Integrate with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies

Hubs, Classification & Tagging

Integrate directly with Office 365 classification
A simplified custom solution using Unified Tagging
Create hubs based on tags


Activity reports
Usage reports
Adoption reports
Device access reports

Enhanced Search

Ability to filter and search based on classifications and tags
Enhanced search based on admin preferences