February 08, 2022

Fully protect your Microsoft 365 data with TeamsHub.io’s backup and restore


In a cloud world where cyberattacks are pervasive and data loss can occur unexpectedly anytime, data security is not an option. Over the last few years, a staggering number of companies have suffered a massive data breach due to ransomware and malware attacks. In addition, software and hardware failures, power outages, programmatic errors, accidental data deletion, natural disasters and malicious insiders are other common causes of data loss. By all odds, businesses must prepare well in advance against sudden and unanticipated downtimes to overcome financial and operational risks associated with data loss.

But aren’t native cloud security controls enough? Protecting data using preventive measures such as firewall configurations, network security, anti-virus software, data governance, etc., is certainly required but is only a part of the solution. Without immunizing your organization against data loss by using proper remediation measures, data security remains incomplete.

Limitations of Microsoft 365 backup and retention policies

Organizations that use Microsoft 365 environment need to protect their cloud data beyond native controls. We must keep in mind that Microsoft 365 is fundamentally designed to raise office productivity and not to protect business data. In a shared responsibility model, Microsoft ensures the availability of cloud infrastructure services whereas businesses are expected to keep their own data safe. In a specific clause under Services Agreement, Microsoft clearly states that it shall not be deemed responsible for any data loss that may occur due to outages or disruptions. As such, organizations must implement an effective backup and a speedy data recovery solution to mitigate potential data losses.

Furthermore, some important limitations of Microsoft 365 backup and restore capability are as follows –

  • Microsoft 365 offers basic protection features which can easily fall through cracks.
  • Due to unreliable backup and retention policies, the process of data recovery is time consuming and complicated.
  • Microsoft’s retention policies differ for each app and keep upgrading.
  • Data may be irretrievable due to catastrophic damages.
  • On accidental data deletion, data can’t be restored after a specified time from recycle bin.
  • Data is permanently erased if a Microsoft 365 account is deleted.
  • Contrary to data backup best practices, Microsoft stores copy of data in the same cloud which makes it susceptible to hacking again.
  • eDiscovery is only helpful when data is retained for evidence in legal cases. Secondly, eDiscovery subscription, included only under Microsoft 365 E3 license and above, is costly as compared to professional services.

The lurking threats of data loss and its consequences are too severe to ignore. Hence, organizations must prioritize a value-added backup and recovery solution as a cloud migration initiative to always ensure business continuity. As recommended by Microsoft, businesses must use a third-party application to completely secure their data and be compliant.

Backup your data with TeamsHub.io and recover it in minutes

Using TeamsHub.io that provides a comprehensive backup and quick restoration option for cloud content, you can empower your business against uninvited IT crises. With this third-party app, backing up your Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint Online data is just a matter of few clicks. An easy to use interface eliminates many steps of complex configurations, thereby saving time and efforts.

To ensure flawless collaboration, TeamsHub.io offers more flexibility to backup and restore your critical files at a massive scale. The app enables container-level backup and granular recovery of critical items such as web pages, files, list items, sites, subsites, metadata, contacts, email accounts and attachments in seconds. It also allows you to view audit logs of backup operations performed. You can now protect your business from cloud security threats, and effectively overcome downtime, cost of ownership and costly delays that cause loss of productivity.

To know more about how to consolidate TeamsHub.io for optimum data protection and other benefits, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com to request a demo

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