November 26, 2020

Exploring Teams Inventory Reporting and Analytics using TeamsHub by Cyclotron


Data and analytics in any application help in providing hidden clues, answers to questions, and monitor on a continuous basis to reap maximum benefits. By gaining actionable insights, smart businesses can look at the future merits and prospects of their companies. Eventually, this helps them to make evidence-based decisions and implement measures of improvement way ahead of time.

In a collaborative environment, any teams’ performance is fundamental and critical for business success. Hence, auto-monitoring Teams’ activities and gleaning true usage visibility, and extrapolating to business outcomes is paramount.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron offers strong analytics features to capture granular details on Teams usage patterns. We have compiled a series of modules in the Analytics section of TeamsHub by Cyclotron. These modules provide automated reports on various criteria. They are Teams Inventory, Teams User Activity, Users in Teams, Teams Device Usage, Teams Governance, Teams Summary, Top 10 Users, and Members Owners Count to name a few

Before we go ahead exploring the Teams Inventory module in this blog, let us discuss what automated reporting is.

Automated Reporting

Manually crunching numbers and then extracting and pasting data over and over to produce reports is a tedious job. Luckily, automation updates all information automatically in the background. Hence, TeamsHub by Cyclotron allows automatic report generation considering organizations that frequently deal with large datasets.

You can now gauge how your teams are functioning and detect problems in real-time to improve your business operations. Moreover, you can access automated reports with rich insights into Teams information in just a click!

Teams Inventory

The Teams Inventory module gives a holistic view of all teams that exist within your organization with various properties. Some of them are members count, guest count, last activity date, visibility, status, and more.

In addition, the metrics derived are visualized using two views – a graphical view and a list view of just the data in a table format.

Along with viewing reports, TeamsHub by Cyclotron also provides added functionalities to streamline information delivery

Exporting Reports

As soon as you get the reports, you can immediately export or convert the data to CSV or JSON format. Such files are downloaded and can be shared across your organization. To export a report, simply click Export to CSV or Export to JSON. At this time, your report file gets available in the download directory on your system.

Mailing Reports

Furthermore, TeamsHub by Cyclotron also allows you to mail the report to a user or groups of user. Additionally, you can set up report generation itself periodically and send the results automatically to the users who need them.


We also provide subscription-based features to deliver the reports you want and when you want it in the format that you need.


Teams Inventory in TeamsHub by Cyclotron collates information from thousands of data points so you can easily track progress. It greatly helps administrators to get a critical view of teams’ data at a glance to establish a pattern. Thereby, you can effectively locate anomalies and design future strategies to alleviate teams’ productivity.

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