Establish concrete data security protocols

Protect critical company and customer data across the cloud, prevent breaches and leaks and responds to threats proactively to enable your business to succeed without a bother.

End to end cloud security solution for enterprises

A comprehensive, robust, and scalable data security and management solution with cloud-native security to protect data at rest and in-transit


Stay ahead of emerging threats along with disaster recovery plans with the right solution for your enterprise to strengthen the security posture

Complete control of data and devices with simplified management to protect enterprise apps, cloud apps, mobile devices and more for a holistic security solution

Advanced security capabilities for Microsoft 365 workloads

Advanced governance dashboard

A centralized console provides a holistic view of critical governance features to easily manage authorization and permissions, as well as near real time using analytics, monitoring and tracking f to deliver an unparalleled collaboration experience across Microsoft 365 workloads

Enterprise cloud retention and archival

A safe copy enables your organization to access legacy Microsoft 365 data and helps you save storage, increase tenant performance, improve collaboration among large distributed teams or external vendors, mitigate disaster losses while giving additional control to administrators for corporate and regulatory compliance.

Data validation and classification

We help automate access to content only by authorized users to perform specific operations based on Sensitivity Labels and Azure Information Protection. The centralized console helps track externally shared files which prevents printing, downloading, or editing of critical documents by unauthorized users based on the level of sensitivity applied to the information requested.

Turbocharge with our Security services and offerings using MCAS, MTADP and MTP

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)

Integrate MCAS to prevent cyberattacks and provide multifunction visibility, for all Microsoft 365 workloads with increased data protection in a single window.

Microsoft Defender ATP

With integrated MDATP, we allow you to quickly mitigate and dissolve threats on your endpoints. MDATP is a post breach solution that provides endpoint threat detection and remediation using advance automation.

Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP)

With integrated MTP, detect, prevent, investigate, and remediate sophisticated cross-domain attacks to gain end-to-end visibility into hacker’s activities and generate correlate signals across domains automatically to understand the breadth and depth of the attack and stop it.

We keep security at the centre of collaboration universe

Manage user identities

Create and manage single identity for each user for both on-prem and cloud apps using Microsoft’s Azure services and SaaS apps. Provide single sign-on access to your applications and enforce multi-factor authentication across your hybrid enterprise.

Access management

Detect inconsistent login patterns and protect business with security monitoring, AI-based reports, and alerts. Prevent unauthorized access to corporate sensitive data using Azure MFA. Provide an added layer of security for admin accounts and enable employees to reset passwords, create groups, etc.

Enable security standards

Secure company’s assets from malicious attacks using Azure Security Services. Enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads and set a compliant environment following internal policies and regulations.

Manage devices

Monitor different types of devices connected to your corporate network and analyze device behavior effectively. Identity and access management ensures that only right users have access to right information.

Secure external collaboration

Gain control of your Teams environment while sharing files with guests. Refrain external users from viewing your confidential data. Limit their access to your resources and prohibit unwanted domains to send or receive files to and from your environment.

Secure file sharing

Protect files in transit persistently using encryption and advance access controls. Prevent editing, copying, downloading, or printing of files to unauthorized users. Track files when shared externally and revoke access instantly on suspicion or misuse.

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