Unlock the key to employee engagement, foster teamwork, and drive productivity

Studies reveal that engaged employees are 17% more productive due to which companies experience 20% boost in sales and 21% increase in productivity.

Remote employee engagement using TeamsHub.io

Improve work culture

Develop a winning work culture with highly engaged employees. Impart a sense of ownership and inspiration to take your business to the next level of success.

Enhance productivity

Build a motivated workplace for employees to work smarter to deliver high performance. Let teams feel more connected, be inclined to organizational goals and be ready to go extra miles with you.

Boost innovation

Nurture an empowering environment which spurs creativity and innovation. Let every individual give their best, help you to push boundaries and develop a competitive advantage.

Retain employees

Increase employee satisfaction and happiness quotient by elevating their work experience. Facilitate work-life balance, ensure that they feel connected with your organization and are committed to stay long-term.

Leverage a common collaboration hub for teamwork to minimize distraction

Set uniform governance policies across Microsoft 365 and MS Teams platform to allow teams work securely and with ease. Elevate collaboration experiences by reducing difficulties in finding relevant content and risks of data loss. Incorporate employee’s favourite apps into single platform to drive focus.

Promote employees to participate in knowledge sharing

Deploy modern interface with easy-to-use web and mobile features to empower users to create communities for knowledge sharing. Enable them to discover trending topics, respond to discussions, ask questions, and get quick answers from business experts on the go.

Implement an eye-catching interface to enhance employee experience

Use a sleek and contemporary interface that includes all engagement features at one place. Personalize content and pages to deliver an enriching experience to elevate productivity. Ensure employees get latest company updates or important announcements and interact instantly with the company no matter where they are.

Build a culture of recognition and rewards to foster better relationships

Create a peer-driven recognition culture to show appreciation for your employees and reward them for their valuable contribution to the organization. Integrate recognition tool to communication platform and let employees celebrate each other’s achievements by sending kudos and thanks.

Gauge user activities by tracking advance reports

Gather actionable insights about employee experience using an intuitive dashboard that summarizes the activities happened inside Microsoft 365 environment. With powerful analytics, quickly derive live reports on Teams inventory, team activities, communication statistics, etc., to learn about usage, adoption, and user engagement to workplace to help teams work smarter.

Enable employees to vote online & make them feel valued

Integrate polling software to Teams and encourage employees to vote by conducting quick polls or surveys. Gather employees feedback when deciding about organizational policies, changes or decisions and identify areas of improvement by analyzing collective reviews.

Produce great team players using TeamsHub.io as all-in-one engagement platform with out-of-the-box solutions

Drive intranet portal using personalized chatbots

Search popular documents in no time

Get all recent documents enlisted on the screen automatically

Mark yourself safe & respond quickly to crises

Bookmark favourite teams & create hubs for fast access

Create or join a team in few clicks

Deploy call quality dashboard & reduce call fluctuations

Fetch external access reports in real-time

Detect active, inactive, or archived teams & optime team management

Gather usage reports across all M365 services