Deploy M365 with confidence, maximize adoption & let users onboard easily

Create new experiences while transitioning to MS Teams to ease adoption. Implement robust strategies to help users find value with it, utilize the platform in an effective way and embrace the change gracefully.

Simplify MS Teams using to derive maximum value

Complex MS Teams interface

Multiple collaboration features in MS Teams make it complex, especially for non-tech users to learn and understand it. simplifies Teams UI to enhance usability and brings together useful apps and features to instil curiosity in users to explore the platform.

Training for distributed workforce

While managing a remote workforce across different geographical locations, encouraging users for personal learning and development remains a challenge. promotes adaptive learning by creating training materials readily accessible to Teams platform to help remote users upskill themselves for professional growth.

Change management strategy

Adopt change management strategies to involve adaptive and transformational changes to company’s structure, culture, processes, people, and practices. Anticipate roadblocks to successful transition and review progress to strengthen efforts to avoid reversion using best initiatives.

Keep Teams in control

Set governance policies to keep MS Teams secure, take a better control of platform and maintain an equilibrium with adoption. Manage user behaviour and prevent teams sprawl, data duplication, data loss and data invisibility like serious collaboration issues by automating Teams using offers user-centric solutions to boost Teams usage and accelerate employee adoption

Increased platform effectiveness with self-service knowledge base

Boost user performance and productivity by leveraging an intuitive platform to deliver a matchless user experience. Let employees gain more independence by resolving their IT problems on their own.

Avoid user frustration with technology

Quickly access short video-clips that cover relevant topics on useful workloads as well as services. Get clarity on how to get started, features and functionalities to be able to use tools better.

Learn from within the platform directly

Get all learning material and resources at the same place without context switching. Access how-to-guides, training manuals, etc., in real time and reduce user churn right from their first use of the application.

Minimise support costs

Eliminate costly and time-consuming methods of producing updated training material on regular basis. Cut down expenses on instructor-led training, reduce IT maintenance load and save time on user assistance to utilize it for innovative purposes.

Revolutionize M365 transition journey & discover large benefits with

Effectively interact at one place without losing files or data and promote Microsoft Teams adoption.

Centralize all your content within Microsoft 365 and properly organize for easy access and efficient search.

Self-help service that includes training materials, tips and tricks on hot topics, instructional videos, editor’s picks and more on MS Teams and other M365 workloads.

Corporate intranet portal to drive user’s focus to specific information and company’s objectives and interests.

Easily accessible through handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Users can seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and go through training materials while on the move.

Automate MS Teams and other M365 workloads such as SharePoint, Yammer, Planner and more, to enhance efficiency and empower employees.

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