March 16, 2020

Cyclotron Announces Release of Employee Engagement platform to Boost Remote Worker Productivity

Cyclotron Inc. announced a major update to its flagship TeamsHub product by launching TeamsHub Engage that adds to critical end-user productivity and employee engagement to its robust administration and governance feature set.

TeamsHub by Cyclotron – Engage is a unified solution to engage employees on Microsoft Teams. It helps find expertise and personnel, share documentation, provide recognition for outstanding work, a medium to provide kudos for birthdays and anniversaries, and various other features to transform a normal environment into a highly collaborative, happy and engaged workplace. Along with these features, the powerful voice routing feature allows users to collaborate in real-time with voice, video, IM and screen share to boost remote worker productivity.

In uncertain times such as the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, which has caused travel restrictions and regional lockdowns, online collaboration has become even more important. Employer to employee communication is critical with periodic updates and notifications. At the same time, peer to peer collaboration is extremely vital to get work done and keep business moving.

“We are excited about this release of TeamsHub by Cyclotron – Engage, the employee engagement platform on Microsoft Teams. It uses modern frameworks and design techniques for a slick premium experience and quick access to relevant information across multiple devices and screen resolutions. Our goal is to increase worker productivity and employee engagement for a globally distributed remote workforce.”

– Amber Bahl, Founder and CEO of Cyclotron Inc.

“TeamsHub by Cyclotron – Engage is the dedicated collaboration workspace for the entire organization. Plus it also encourages employees to have fun and be connected while doing the job at hand using various social features,” quotes Sunil Kumar, Director of Engineering. Logu Krishnan, Director of Technology further added, “Personalization is key for making TeamsHub Engage a success by tailoring it to be relevant for various user roles and personas. Using AI-powered chatbots, we further simplify daily routine tasks thus reducing time and effort.”

About Cyclotron

Cyclotron was proudly founded in San Francisco in 2014 with the sole intent of accelerating the success of our clients by solving mission-critical business and technology challenges, through a proven network of industry-specific frameworks. We’re a trusted strategic partner to many innovative organizations in the financial, health and life sciences, public, retail, and technology sectors. Our solutions combined with your investment with us boosts productivity, enhances collaboration, and integrates intelligence across your entire enterprise.

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