December 08, 2022

Can you merge Microsoft Teams channels? Here’s all you need to know


Microsoft Teams has evolved into a thriving productivity platform for businesses worldwide in last five years. It effectively meets new age collaboration needs of users by bringing constant enhancements in communication methods. But sadly, on governance perspective, Teams lags a little behind in terms of ease-of-use and experience.

Let’s talk about one of the most awaited features called Teams Management in Microsoft Teams. This is a typical case that sneaks up when users outgrow and abruptly create teams and channels.

Why join two teams/channels into one

Often, users circulate critical information on these channels to achieve common goals. But once the team is deleted or disposed, all the conversation along with its data is lost. So, in a scenario where two groups are dealing with the same project, ideally a group’s channel should be allowed to get exported to another. This is to continue the conversation to avoid content loss and wastage of time if a group or team is nearing its expiration.

In other instances, as projects evolve, they merge for better performance and growth. As a result, cross functional teams unite to work collaboratively. This demands the ability to import topics and merge two or more teams into one. For all such reasons, channel management is an important functionality which can’t be ignored. Apparently, businesses must invest in a comprehensive solution which can efficiently handle such requests as well. In other words, channel management which may allow users to perform operations like move, copy, or merge channels, etc., whenever required.

Can you merge channels in Microsoft Teams?

No! Microsoft Teams doesn’t offer this functionality particularly because of its architecture. This restricts administrative to handle different departments that want to merge their projects and work as one unit. Similarly, you can’t move a channel to another existing group. To overcome this adoption barrier, you need to use a third-party governance solution to streamline management flawlessly.

Teams and Channel Management with is a third-party governance platform dedicated to providing automated solutions to its users for efficient administration in Microsoft Teams. incorporates channel management feature using which you can easily restructure your teams and channels in no more than two clicks. It enables users to move, copy, archive, and merge or consolidate your teams channels for better organization of teams. Additionally, what makes unique is that you can also export teams/channel, posts, files, tabs, images, lists, calendar, GIFs, emojis, stickers and wiki from one team to another with no fear of losing channel’s history.

If you are an organization looking for a Channel Management feature, we advise you to try and step up your administration game.

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