December 22, 2022

Benefits of approval workflow automation


An approval workflow is a logical sequence of actions which needs human approval to process the request. In approval workflow, after submission, a request can only proceed after it is verified and approved by approver(s) set by your organization.

Where manual management of approvals cause potential delays and disorderliness, automated approval workflows provide opportunity to minimize errors and increase transparency while evaluating the processes.

In this article, we will learn about the common components of an efficient approval system followed by its benefits.

What does an automated approval workflow entail?

Let’s take a quick look at some important steps required to create a streamlined approval workflow in an application –

  1. Site submission: Firstly, activate self-service site creation to promote flexibility and user engagement. Next, provide users with a request form to fill in essential site details as per your business mandates. Collect metadata for better governance and to boost adoption.
  2. Assigning approvers: Here, you can delegate the responsibility to your critical stakeholders to become approvers. You can configure multiple levels for specific fields of the request form and multiple approvers on each level to assess compliance with rules. At least one approver on each level must approve the request before it can be reviewed by the next level of approvers.
  3. Timelines: You can set expectations by configuring deadlines and due dates for approval processes to avoid unnecessary delays and promote smoother workflows.
  4. Automatic alerts/notifications: You can enable automation alerts and email notifications according to your preference. It is used to notify approvers on the status of the approval process. It informs approvers about various stages of a request till its completion. Also, it lets a requester know that their form has been approved or denied.
  5. Logs to review history: Here you need to validate and update the request to fix issues that occurred during the request provision process by checking all actions from the start using error logs.

Advantages of streamlined approval workflow

An automated approval workflow makes the process of governance easier and simpler in following ways –

  • Accuracy

A team/site comes into existence only after multiple approvers review and sign off a form after their approval. This ensures that the data is verified and accurate which leaves no room for errors.

  • Efficiency

Different approvers in an automated approval workflow can review the form effectively without having to worry about sending the request to next level of approval. With notifications and alerts, approvers can easily access the forms and approve instantly without waiting around.

  • Transparency

With greater visibility into each approval action, you can easily track the status of a request and identify if there is any bottleneck or discrepancies in the process. This makes the critical stakeholders accountable for their work and reduces the chances of falsity or slowed performances.

  • Operational efficiency

You can achieve greater operational efficiency with automated approval workflows as it won’t stop if your employees are on sick or on holiday leaves. All processes are so mapped in the system that other team members can take over the processes quickly.

  • Governance

A streamlined approval process is regulated to help meet compliance and regulation standards. You can execute audit trails and instantly provide reports as required. By catching actionable insights into the data, you can understand the performance of the processes and make informed decisions to improve them.

Level up your approval workflow with

For organizations collaborating on Microsoft Teams, automating processes can greatly enhance IT efficiency and productivity. Standardizing complex approval structure allows you to get rid of clunky manual processes and speed up request management. With a myriad of benefits coming your way, we would want you to transform your platform using’s automated workflow engine and see the benefits for yourself!

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