Backup your Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint Online data effortlessly

Give your users the ability to work without worrying about valuable data loss with backup and restore using

Backup and restore data at a massive scale

With backup solution, you have more flexibility to restore your critical data with better access control. To ensure collaboration success, retaining and backing up valuable business data for business continuity is must.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online are used widely by top IT players around the globe for collaboration and information exchange. Empower your IT department by providing an intuitive and efficient backup solution that needs no training.

Advanced recovery capabilities for Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint Online data

Container-level backup

Provide a reliable backup solution to your Teams and SharePoint Online site document libraries, subsites, site templates and other site assets. Enjoy simplified configuration and maintenance of the solution without having to wait for the support. Take charge of your own data and protect it to meet legal and compliance regulations.

Granular recovery in seconds

Backup and restore SharePoint Online and MS Teams content at a granular level. Retrieve MS Teams and SharePoint Online data faster and avoid downtime to ensure business continuity. Recover critical items such as files, list items, sites, subsites, metadata, contacts, email accounts, attachments and more.

Comprehensive backup

Protect your organization from cloud security threats and data scavenging with comprehensive backup for SharePoint Online to overcome data loss, downtime, and cost of ownership.

Improve business continuity

Implement a business continuity solution that guarantees your business back to normal during outage. Restore your systems quickly and save your company from costly delays that cause loss of productivity.

Key Features to Protect Your SharePoint Online Data

A single solution for complete data protection

Enable a complete backup of webpages including list data, site members, permissions, and workflows with unlimited backup frequency. Manage all your data backup and security needs from a centralized console.

Cost effective solution with user-friendly interface

Offer a well-designed interface for your users to ensure the ease of access and effectively perform back up operation. Implement a user-centered design to cut down costs, time and efforts spent in learning the solution.

All-inclusive data backup and security

Prevent data loss that occurs due to unintended human errors, accidental deletion, and ransomware infection. Integrate a scalable backup and restore solution to your SharePoint collaboration environment and protect your data in cloud 24*7.

Carefree data security and management

Streamline backup and recovery process to alleviate the cost of storing huge amount of data. Consolidate the right tool for optimum data protection and accelerate recoveries for fearless collaboration in SharePoint Online.

Smart backup management for your business

Leverage automation for simplified disaster recovery. Backup your data with and recover it in minutes.

Fast backup and point in time recovery

Inconsistent and irregular backups due to manual practices elevates data loss risks. Turn on automated backup and recovery of your cloud data while maintaining compliance using Eliminate multi step procedure of storing and retrieving data and ensure high reliability, flexible usage, and effective management of M365 data backed up in the cloud.

Intuitive and Convenient UI

With a simple and user-friendly interface, user has easier options to automate backups and store them for any length of time and recover whenever you need. It also allows you to restore the items of your choice rather than entire site. offers MS Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint Online backup and restore capability in a single platform to maximize performance.

Schedule your backups

Use as modern backup and recovery solution and avoid forklift upgrades. Create backup in consistent manner with scheduling so that your information is always retrievable during a crisis. Set specified time frames to schedule data back up regularly and reduce manual efforts.

Improve business resiliency

The basic protection offered by Microsoft 365 can easily fall through cracks due to unreliable backup and retention policies. With, you can overcome the time consuming and complicated process of data recovery and feel confident about managing and securing M365 data. uses state-of-the-art technology to facilitate full recovery of compressed data without leaving gaps in integrity.

Prepare well in advance in the face of data loss events and overcome financial and operational risks successfully

Safeguard your mission-critical data in the cloud against ransomware and malware attacks, infrastructure failures, catastrophic damages and more. Immunize your organization by using proper remediation measures and increase business survivability using Eliminate cloud security threats, and effectively overcome cost of ownership and costly delays that cause loss of productivity. is a unified solution for Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint Online backup and restore options to protect cloud data beyond native controls. provides protection against data loss that occurs due to outages or disruptions which Microsoft 365 doesn’t.

An easy to use interface eliminates many steps of complex configurations, to save time and efforts. ensures flawless collaboration offering more flexibility to backup and restore your critical files at a massive scale.

Use as a cost-effective solution to minimize RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) and cost of downtime for higher productivity. It supports backup and recovery for M365 critical apps i.e., Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business continuity.

View audit logs of backup operations performed to analyse performance, troubleshoot issues and strengthen security. Record sequence of events including system errors, suspicious activities and other vulnerabilities for better monitoring of operations.

Get an automated, centralized console that gives 100% visibility to all operations for greater control. Check the progress of backup operations in real-time while data is being copied and compressed without using complex scripts.