January 09, 2023

Automatic backup and recovery for Microsoft 365


In the digital world today, information is exchanged at an enormous rate via collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. As remote teams collaborate continually, a huge volume of sensitive data flows outside the corporate perimeter. As it stores more and more data in the cloud, how can businesses ensure it remains safe and is restored without hassle in case of loss?

Does Microsoft Teams allow secure backup?

Data loss is unpredictable and as it is said that prevention is better than cure, so is data resilience against risking value. This demands data backup which is one the critical data security practices for enterprises. Sadly, Microsoft Teams does not have a conventional backup system except its native retention policies. According to Microsoft’s shared responsibility model, tech businesses must use their own tools to protect their data.

The complex data architecture of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams stores its data in multiple locations including SharePoint libraries, OneDrive and Exchange mailboxes. All files that are shared in a team are stored in its associated SharePoint site whereas all that are shared via chat or meeting are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint library.

Let us have a quick look to different data types in Microsoft Teams:

  1. 1:1 chat, group chat -> These messages are saved in user mailboxes
  2. Channel messages -> These messages are saved in group mailboxes
  3. Voicemail and call summary -> They are stored in user mailboxes
  4. Channel and chat meeting recordings -> They are stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
  5. Files -> Files shared in teams channels are stored in SharePoint Online whereas those shared in chats are stored in OneDrive for Business
  6. Web pages -> Wiki is a default web page created for every team stored in document library ‘Teams Wiki Data’ in SharePoint Online site
  7. OneNote -> OneNote is a default notebook created for every team channel and is stored in document library ‘Site Assets’ in SharePoint Online site

Microsoft Teams data retention

As Microsoft Teams is tightly integrated with different Microsoft 365 apps, you should consider which data component you want to secure. Remember, you can’t create backup copies of your Teams data but can only retain it for a period of time before it is permanently deleted.

You can secure your data in the following three ways:

  • For SharePoint Online/OneDrive
    • Use native data retention for SharePoint Online/OneDrive which offers 2 levels of recycle bin functionality with a 93-day retention period
    • You can also use file versioning enabling which in a list or library, you can store, track, and restore items in a list and files in a library whenever they change. Versioning, combined with other settings, such as checkout, gives you control of the content posted on your site. You can also use versioning to view or restore an old version of a list or library
    • If lots of your SharePoint or Microsoft Teams files get deleted, overwritten, corrupted, or infected by malware, you can restore an entire shared document library to a previous time. The restore will undo all the actions that occurred on both files and folders in the last 30 days
    • Deleted SharePoint sites are retained for 93 days. After 93 days, sites and all their content and settings are permanently deleted, including lists, libraries, pages, and any subsites
  • For Microsoft Teams – Use compliance retention policies in Microsoft Teams to force file retention for an indefinite period
  • Third-party backup solution – Select a third party back solution to enable restoring Teams data

Teams backup with third-party tool

As we now know that Teams data is dispersed across multiple Microsoft 365 storage locations, you need a robust recovery tool in place to secure your corporate data. A third-party backup tool is an easiest approach to back up your data beyond Teams’ native capabilities. We advise you to opt for an automated backup solution that limits your downtime and perform restorations in minutes!

What Does Automatic Backup Mean?

Typically, manual backup is a tedious and time-consuming process with other setbacks. Here, one needs to maintain complex configurations in a large environment like Microsoft 365 regularly which makes it unreliable and prone to errors. Unlike manual backup, automatic backup doesn’t involve human intervention. It automates and simplifies entire backup process and enables faster recovery.

Comprehensive backup & restore solution by TeamsHub.io

TeamsHub.io is a third-party governance software for Microsoft Teams which offers automated backup & restore feature with matchless benefits. Using TeamsHub.io, you can eliminate multi step procedure of storing and retrieving data, improve consistency and maintain compliance. This modern solution lets you –

  1. Enjoy advanced recovery capabilities for not just Microsoft Teams but also for SharePoint Online data
  2. Perform backup and restore operations from an intuitive dashboard that needs no training
  3. Store them for any length of time and recover whenever you need
  4. Create backup of files, tabs & conversations including chats, emoticons, stickers, memes, and GIFs from team channels
  5. Enable container-level backup for your Teams and SharePoint Online site document libraries, subsites, site templates and other site assets
  6. Save multiple versions of your work through file versioning
  7. Set a recurrence schedule to initiate backup operation automatically at regular intervals
  8. Create multiple backup copies or containers of a team or site which is already backed up
  9. Recover critical items on granular level such as files, list items, sites, subsites, metadata, contacts, email accounts, attachments and more in two clicks


Data protection is one of the dire needs of businesses for their sustenance today. With ever-increasing risks of data loss and breaches, an effective data backup strategy must be in place to cope up the situation. Such as the times of uncertainty as this, a third-party backup tool is worth the investment.

If Microsoft Teams is your central communication hub, we would highly recommend using TeamsHub.io for faster backup and point in time recovery so that you can have a peace of mind when your teams collaborate. Ensure high reliability, flexible usage, and effective management of M365 data backed up in the cloud with automated backup operations and meet your recoverability objectives seamlessly.

For more information on automated backup and recovery using TeamsHub.io, please visit https://teamshub.io or contact sales@cyclotrongroup.com for a demo

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