May 20, 2022

4 considerations for secure cloud collaboration for government


It has been a while since government agencies are proactively using cloud collaboration software to perform operations remotely. The way collaboration technology fundamentally transformed the public sector in last two years only marks the beginning of an efficient future.

We know that the nature of public information that government holds is highly classified and sensitive. This makes sharing of privileged data with cross-border agencies and federal partners becomes more exacting. Doubtlessly, securing public data invariably is paramount. Furthermore, this directs our attention to cloud service providers too whose role in the shared responsibility model is to provide a cyber resilient solution. Hence, before making a deal with technology vendors, government agencies must properly assess if they can leverage robust security features to their cloud environment.

Further in this blog, we will discuss a few important considerations for secure collaboration and data management for public sector before choosing a right collaboration software. Let’s begin:

1. FedRAMP certified cloud providers

The Federal Risk and Management Program (FedRAMP) is cyber security management program which approves cloud service providers to work with US federal agencies. A FedRAMP certified cloud service provider (CSP) effectively meets the compliance requirements standardized for cloud service offerings. Selecting a FedRAMP accredited CSP will ensure a compliant platform with necessary technical controls that keep data secure and protected against cybersecurity attacks.

2. Data storage and management

Despite a lot of security awareness, data backups are often neglected. Back up and recovery challenges are common for public sector too. It is imperative for government agencies to implement cybersecurity policies to avoid data loss that they may occur due to unexpected downtime. To ensure business continuity, it should be verified whether a CSP has established proven processes such as disaster recovery strategies for dealing with downtime.

3. Data confidentiality

To preserve data integrity and maintain data confidentiality, a collaboration solution must offer end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication. Advanced admin controls such as easy ways to provision and deprovision users, automated lifecycle management and built-in monitoring and reporting tools to gauge data in real-time reduce visibility issues and ensure efficient data control and management.

4. Balancing collaboration freedom and security

Government employees need a unified platform with better UI that brings all apps together and keeps them focused. An effective cloud solution enables employees to search information faster and gives them confidence to collaborate remotely without exposing sensitive data. Next-Gen collaboration solution built for public sector is a FedRAMP compliant and mission-critical collaboration solution that adheres to industry’s best practices for data governance and management. Tailored for government use, meets diverse requirements of CISOs, FTI, DISA, healthcare and other government agencies.

Designed for effortless collaboration, increases administrative efficiencies and enhances data protection and privacy by automating governance in Teams. With a myriad of advanced security features, you can keep your data consistent and on track, encrypt data while travel, control access, automate back up operations, retrieve data at granular level, customize workflows, manage lifecycle automatically, monitor and manage users and files exchanges externally and much more. We also help you to customize your cloud environment where you can select and utilize only those services that you need.

We would recommend you check our performance in last 1-2 years before you decide your potential partner.

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