Automate Governance & Lifecycle Management
Elevate M365 Security with Intelligent Solutions
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Streamline Microsoft 365 Governance and Administration using Automation

Ease adoption, usage and governance while increasing administrator efficiency.

Using can empower organizations to turn on self-service modes while automating guidelines and guardrails. This allows users to embrace tools you want them to use along with enough regulation to ensure your tenant stays organized and secure.

Ensure internal, external and regulatory compliance.

Organizations, when storing data particularly for longer periods – increase risk. On the other hand, the introduction of GDPR-like regulations means storing data indefinitely is no longer an option. Hence, using Microsoft 365 security and compliance features combined with ensures that the right protective and retention measures are in place.

Automate provisioning, operations and information lifecycle using

Create and manage Microsoft 365 groups, Yammer and Teams channels, SharePoint sites and OneDrive storage with automated workflows and approval processes based on your organization’s needs.

Fueling growth and innovation using Microsoft Teams automation

Privileged to be featured by Microsoft as a key innovator for using Microsoft Teams as a platform

Create a productive and innovative workforce

Create a rewarding and engaging employee experience with Viva Connection and our Engage platform

Connect your distributed workforce by letting employees work, anywhere, anytime on any device

Track & monitor activity and engagement using Microsoft Office 365 automation and rich analytics from comes in three flavors


Implement reliable governance tools to enable consistent processes and controls, and mitigate risks using Office 365 automation.

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Secure your Microsoft 365 workloads by implementing pro-active solutions to track, monitor and detect threats and potential breaches on a real-time basis.

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Transform your organization by using technology to accelerate training and adoption of Microsoft 365 workloads.

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Your world is our world

At Cyclotron, we believe successful engagements stem from our commitment to know our customers worlds; from frameworks to workflows, from compliance to cultures. Looking to take your organization to the next level? Small world.

Fueling growth and innovation using Microsoft Teams automation

Privileged to be featured by Microsoft as a key innovator for using Microsoft Teams as a platform!

Productive collaboration

Avoid information silos, employee burn out and team misalignment by improving clarity and transparency in Microsoft Teams with the power of automation. Bring all tools in one place to minimize distraction, improve productive multi-tasking and help your teams deliver faster and focus-driven results.

Zero code platform

Take advantage of zero code platform and enable efficient Teams management without touching a line of code. Unleash fully automated platform with, remove IT dependency and build agile teams to practice excellence. Improve governance and mitigate data security risks in dense Teams environment with better visualization and smart insights.

Centralized Teams management

Manage Microsoft teams or groups from a centralized console and ensure better organization while keeping security vulnerabilities at bay. Configure and review Teams environment accurately while eliminating manual errors. Bring various administrative components together to enhance the quality of control and discard IT oversight.

Enriching user experience

Simplify processes to elevate user engagement by faster execution of operations and empower users to drive effectiveness at scale. Optimize tasks and create standards for your teams using automated workflows such as dynamic forms, alerts, notifications, etc., to accelerate teamwork. Boost internal communications, build an inclusive culture for an exceptional teamwork to attain business goals without compromise.

Power team collaboration by combining automation with Microsoft Teams and let your digital workplace be apt for innovation

A collaborative environment confronts invisible barriers which may deviate a team from its goals. provides workflow automation solutions to facilitate effortless team collaboration to ensures that users remain fully engaged on Microsoft Teams platform. handles all menial and repetitive administrative tasks to help your teams carry out creative work without hurdles.

Modernize collaboration

Use to facilitate easy ways of working, faster execution of projects, promote problem-solving, eliminate errors and inefficiencies, and offload growing workload pressure from your teams. Reduce infrastructure complexity and offer dispersed teams a risk-free environment with effective backup and recovery methods to help them focus on innovations. Leverage automation to provide a frictionless workspace to minimize collaboration pitfalls and let users work independently, yet effectively together.


Get an intuitive interface that brings all useful apps, resources, and tools to get more work done using Ensure that the portal is easy to navigate and accessible to all types of users regardless of technical proficiency. Embrace unified platform as a single source of truth, drive user focus and discard context switching to help users jump straight to action and effectively solve their problem without friction.

Improve accuracy and reliability

Make Microsoft Teams free of duplicate data and intertwined workspaces to help your users sort data easily and locate information successfully using automation. Enable seamless and secure exchange of information to minimize risks and maximize productivity. Let team activities be more transparent to avoid mistakes or confusion and increase visibility to save user’s time and reduce rework.

Reinvent Teams

Recreate Teams with user-friendly navigation, streamline workflows, enhance findability, and reduce IT burdens to boost user engagement, and productivity. Let good governance revive digital workplace and drive users to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams. Eliminate performance roadblocks and avoid delays in operations and enhance user experience to empower teams.

Secure sharing

Leverage enterprise grade security to MS Teams to enable users to interact and exchange data freely and securely. Get visibility into your data sharing relationship and control external access intelligently. Ensure that external users have access to only right information and your sensitive data is not overexposed. Also track externally shared files and revoke access to prevent unintended loss, misuse, or theft.

Learning and development

Foster a learning culture and let employees improve their skills with self-directed learning. Combine self-training module with Microsoft Teams so that your users have an opportunity to satisfy their desire of learning without changing the platform. Provide them with quick and handy resources to browse work-related topics and develop competency, a necessary skill for innovation.

Information at fingertips

Level up engagement through a user centric platform tailored to user needs across all functions. Bring internal communications into one central hub and update multi-location teams on critical content such as CEO message, company results, latest corporate news and events, policy updates, etc.

Strengthen team connections

Increase participation and social connection by setting up discussions, commentary and likes on content posts. Foster knowledge sharing culture, recognize and reward users for their valuable contribution and celebrate wins, birthdays, and anniversaries to drive engagement and productivity.

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